October 12, 2011


Last week I took some time off work to go out to Denver and visit my sister. I always thought it'd be neat to be a mom of boys. My grandpa (who has since passed away) re-married several years after my grandma passed away and the woman he married (who just turned 93 last month!) had three boys. I always thought that was special and probably a lot of fun. If I'm fortunate enough to have another baby and it's a boy, I will be pleased to know that God blessed me with three boys as well.

But on the other hand, if we have a girl, I hope she has a sister.  I love my sister. We have grown to be such good friends. Which is funny considering we used to draw lines in the carpet to separate our sides of the room, fight over clothes, yell about each others music selection and just be complete and total brats to each other. But now? Now I wish we lived next door to each other and could share clothes; I enjoy her taste in music and I'd do anything for her. Funny how growing up does that to ya.

Unfortunately Miles couldn't come with us, but Finley made for a great travel companion and hopefully we'll be back soon . . .perhaps when we move!

Instead of rambling on about what a great trip it was, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Because we took a million.

 First plane ride {not in utero}

Yup, pretty much this wonderful on both legs of the flight. Whew.
Out for a little hike

in this beautiful scenery

Needy, Obnoxious, but oh so loveable Boxers run in the family

Bisbee and Finn ready for a walk

It's not this chilly back in Georgia

Denver has beautiful parks

I have a beautiful sister

and a beautiful baby

From the kitchen I hear Kate's boyfriend say,
"there's a super hot chick in here Finn - you gotta check her out" and I walk in to find this.

Best Picture. Ever.

Until next time Denver!


  1. That was my sister and I totally to the tee! And now I wish we lived next door too! Oh what age can do you! Love all the pics! Looks like you had a blast! See you tomorrow! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Finns a lil ham! Wish I could be around him more!
    So is that the face he makes after having 3/4 cup of beer or is that the face of I want me some of that good lookin juice!?
    He's the perfect combination of you ad miles-love it!

  3. Caroline, I wholeheartedly second everything.
    1. Yes, you guys were brats to each other. Just kidding. Annie and I were worse ten-fold.
    2. Best picture ever! Those eyes!
    3. You are a beautiful mom to your boys.
    4. Being a mom to boys is just the best, right?
    5. If I ever have a girl, I can't even imagine her not having a sister. I mean, I know that plenty of girls grow up to be well adjusted and everything without having a sister, but I just can't imagine it. To the point that it gives me anxiety about having one more baby and it being a girl and then not having any more and me ruining her life because she doesn't have a sister.
    What number am I on? To sum up, if you and Kate ever live next door to each other, plan on me moving in across the street. Plan on it! I'll learn how to make my mom's cinnamon rolls and I'll swap them for rice krispy treats.

  4. I second everything you and Emily just said. I remember those days of you and Kate fighting and me and Emily fighting...ah, memories! Emily and I still fight but I would LOVE it if we could live close by. If you all live on the same street then I would totally be there too! Emily makes cinnamon rolls better than I do but I'll find something to contribute.

  5. I couldn't stand to be around my sister growing up...now I can't stand to be away from her! I hope to have a sister for Addi and a sister for her sister to get to have that true sister love/hate/love relationship

    Funny that your sister has a boxer too. And yes, they are needy and obnoxious. I have such a love/hate relationship with mine. Such a great dog, but SO annoying and needy!

    I can tell you and your sister are related and both of you are beautiful!

    Love that Finn was so great on the plane and he is so cute too!

  6. Yes you do have a beautiful baby!!! Gosh he is cute!

  7. Oh my goodness what beautiful pictures!!!! I love the one of Finn and the glass of beer- his eyes are too cute! Glad you got to visit your sister! Mine moved here in June and it's been great having her close by :)

  8. Glad you were able to visit your sister! I had to laugh at your description of your past/present relationship with your sister. I remember when there was a time that my sister, Deb, and I begged my dad to just build a wall between our beds, because the line of tape didn't keep us from crossing over to enemy territory. ;) Now we're best friends. Funny how things change once you grow up and move out. :)

  9. Love this sweet post! The pics are great and the one of Finn with the beer is definitely the best!!! :)