October 23, 2011

Prayers, Petitions and Red Necks

My dad was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.  We are optimistic that it was caught early and after a thorough bone scan, it looks as though it has not spread elsewhere. In four days he will undergo surgery and hopefully will begin a complete, albeit lengthy and uncomfortable, recovery. So prayers, well wishes, and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated for his upcoming surgery and recovery.

My amazing sister (who turned 30 today!) is taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to help my dad after he's discharged from the hospital. I know he's really looking forward to having her there - not only is she a nurse, but I know it'll do his spirits good to have his daughter there with him. FMLA is a great thing, but there is a Petition to Congress that is circulating which would make it even better by expanding coverage to those who experience the death of a child. I was actually surprised that this wasn't already something FMLA covered. If you want to sign this petition you can do so by clicking here. When I did, I made an additional comment that I hope it covers when a child dies in utero or during birth. After delivering Cale I remember asking how much time I would have off work. I was worried that because my baby did not live, I would have to go back sooner. Fortunately the Army gave me the same amount of maternity leave one is entitled to after delivering a living baby. And while going back to work was really hard, I couldn't fathom having to do so any sooner or not having job security as I planned funeral arrangements and grieved the loss of my son. So please sign the petition and spread the word.

On a MUCH less serious note, and totally off topic, Miles and I did just about the most red-neck thing we've done since living in ole Georgia. We attended a David Allen Coe concert this weekend. Had we been sporting any of the following we would have fit in much better:

-Cowboy Boots
-Real Tree Apparel
-Belt Buckle (of the ginormous variety)
-Raccoon Hat
-Harley Davidson Apparel

David Allen Coe walked to the stage with the assistance of several people and a cane. But I suppose after a life of drugs and booze, it's impressive that at 72 he's even still performing. . . .or alive for that matter.

Here's a short video from the concert. And using the word "concert" probably implies it was a bigger event than it was. At most I would say there were 200 other hillbillies at this softball field to listen to this crazy old man. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that I think I was the only sober person present.

And if that little teaser wasn't enough, here's the full version of the song.


  1. Gah. I'm so sorry. Losing our children and then losing other family members (Daren) and having someone so close to you experience something so traumatic/painful like cancer... almost too much. It really puts how we live into perspective, ya know? Will be thinking of your father and attempting to pray. I'll say a prayer no matter what. Wishing you and your family nothing but incredible surgery outcomes and long lives ahead.

  2. Praying for your dad (and family)!

  3. Praying for your Dad Caroline...


    I sooo wish I could have gone to that concert with you!! Is that Miles singing in the background? ;)

  4. Praying for your dad and your family.

  5. praying for your dad/family.

    you know i had no idea that FMLA didn't already include loss of a child. and i work for the gov. i hardly took any leave afterward (i needed the distraction of work), but i couldn't imagine being pressured to go back before i was ready. i signed a few days ago.

  6. Will certainly keep your dad in my prayers. Hugs

  7. Dear Caroline,
    I know from personal experience how crazy and terrifying it is to hear those three little words, "I have cancer," from a parent. Thankfully, with my mom, the doctors also caught it early and she has been cancer free for almost four years! Nevertheless, it is a scary thing while you're in it and I pray that you and your family grow even closer through this process, as unfortunate as it is. At the end of the day, cancer is just cancer, but God is God!