November 26, 2012

Dadda's Boy

Finn is a total Dadda's Boy. When Miles gets home from work, Finn wants nothing to do with me. Well, he makes it clear during the day that Dadda is always on his mind. Everything is Dadda this and Dadda that. It's with random things too - he'll look outside or hear a noise and say Dadda. My favorite was when a commercial for James Bond came on, Finn pointed at the TV and said Dadda. Ok kiddo - I won't argue with that one. Daniel Craig can be Dadda.

But seriously, he is all about the Dadda in this house.

And most times I think it's really adorable. I love seeing how excited he get to see Miles walk in the door, love seeing them play together, read together, and bond as father and son. Miles gives Finn all of his baths (unless he's gone training or something) and is so involved with him. When Miles works out in his man-cave garage gym Finn wants to be out there with him. In fact, Finn will now pick up items and squat them. I need to catch it on video because it's pretty cute.

So yes, I love my Dadda's boy and I love that he has a Dadda who loves him so much.

But sometimes it gets annoying, not gonna lie. It damages my Mama ego when I just want my baby boy to love on me the way he does on his Dadda. I kid you not, I went to kiss him the other day and he PUSHED MY FACE AWAY! Then Miles gave him a kiss and he giggled! What gives!? I mean really, have we so quickly forgotten the nine stressful months I carried you? The fact that I birthed you and nursed you for almost a year and stressed about every single drop of milk that I did everything in my power to produce for you? Have we forgotten who stopped working to stay home with you, feed you and take care of you day in and day out?! Have we forgotten all that, Finn!?

I think when you watch these videos you'll know the answer to that. (you probably will only be able to view from a computer - for some reason they don't load on phones/iPads)

This first one was a few weeks ago when Miles was outside mowing the lawn. Finn was fussy because he had to hang out inside with Mom:

And these were taken just about two weeks ago when Miles was away for work. I sent them to him to let him know how loved he is. Clearly a lot:

Sigh. . . 


  1. Oh dear!! So not fair!! He is supposed to be a mama's boy! When sloane turned into a daddy's girl (right around the time Hayes died), my heart broke. She is starting to like me again 2 freaking years later, but still thinks her dad rocks. Kel had better not desert me!!

  2. Adorable! One of these days he might ask for a high n tight too... ;)
    Erik is the worst with Mama snubbing. This morning when I asked him to get dressed he said "don't talk to me!" And for the past few months, if Daddy's around he will ONLY let Daddy get him more milk or tuck him in or read his bedtime story. If I try to do anything I'm not supposed to, he'll let out this totally bratty grunt and throw his fist in front of my face before repeating the request for Daddy to do it. Endearing at first, but exhausting after awhile!

  3. My phone won't let me watch the videos :( but I totally get where you are coming from. The pregnancy the birth, omg the Breastfeeding horrors. All I'm hearing around here is dadadadadada now it isn't on purpose yet, but I see where this is going. Seriously I thought boys were supposed to love their mamas best. What the what!

  4. I'm dreading the day this happens to us! At least Finn is SUPER cute about it! :-) Also, belated response to your proposal for an arranged marriage. I'm all for arranged marriages, but the liberal in me thinks maybe I should let Emma choose her man. So, this seems like something Finn should work out with Emma, but I'd be happy to facilitate any talks of marriage. Unfortunately, Finn may need to learn "Emma" before she even gives him the time of day ;-)

  5. Addalee has ALWAYS preferred her dad to me. What the crap, kid?! I remember even telling Arthur when she was much smaller that we were going to have to have another kid so that I'd have one who liked mama best! I stay home with her too and she is just ho-hum about mama...then dadda gets home and she's all giggles and smiles and reaching up for him. I love it too, but it does kind of stink sometimes. Hurts my feelings, even though I suppose it really shouldn't. I mean, I do all the things she doesn't like, and Dad gets to be the fun one. Yeah, that's gotta be it! ;)

    I have to say that when we watched the videos, Addalee was playing on the other side of the room and came to watch them with me. All she kept saying was, "Dadda. Dadda. Dadda." Ha!

    Finn is a super duper cutie!!!

  6. So I read this the other day but could not access the videos so I wanted to wait to comment. First cute is that kiddo? Second Kai wanted to watch the videos over and over ha! third, well it is pretty cute how much that kid loves his dad...but DUDE, mama needs a little love you know? When I read this post it instantly reminded me of a conversation I had with my own mother. She said that kids never really remember all the daily mundane aspects of life only the out of the ordinary things. For example my mom drove us to school every day. I don't remember her taking us to school, but I have a very very clear memory of my father dropping us off at school and what I did after I got out of his truck etc...WHY? probably because it was a rare occasion. I think all kids take their mothers for granted, it is a privlege of the security they feel. Dads are certainly there and super involved if lucky like us, but they are gone MUCH more than moms I think it makes the time seem more "special". Just my thoughts...You are obviously doing a really good job being his mom for him to love his dad so much :)

  7. Oh what a CUTIE! Yeah....I agree with Renel. Daddies swoop in at the end of the day and are all funny and new. Davey's already six months and it's already happening with him. Nobody is as funny as his daddy.

  8. I love Renel's comment that his love for Dada is evidence of you doing a great job as his mom.

    Finn did make me laugh, especially in that third video!

  9. How did I not comment on this? Hilarious. I showed Elliot and he was laughing.