November 13, 2012

Warrior Dash

I'm behind in a few blogs. I owe a Georgia Trip and Halloween post, and a handful of other random ones I've been meaning to share. But we'll get to those later. Maybe.

Because it's fresh, I wanted to share our Veteran's Day Weekend. This could really be broken up into categories; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. In an effort to focus on The Good, I'll just quickly recap the other two:

The Bad:
-Losing my wedding band (not my diamonds, but a plain gold band I wear when exercising, gardening, when I was deployed, and when I'm stupid enough to crawl through mud thinking it won't fall off)

The Ugly:
-Highly contagious stomach virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea. This hit MY WHOLE FAMILY in the days before and after the Warrior Dash. We believe Patient Zero was my sweet little ten month old nephew. The little bastard brought all of us down. Hard.
-Cleaning car seats full of vomit. I can't even complain about this though as my sister-in-law tackled this like a champ.

BUT. . . The Good is the best part. And thankfully, miraculously  none of us were sick during the Warrior Dash and all able to complete AND enjoy it. The Warrior Dash is what we chose to do this year as Team Daren - a way to get together and celebrate and remember my brother-in-law Daren, who was killed last year by an IED in Afghanistan.

The race itself was really not bad. It's a 5k (just over 3 miles) with several obstacles throughout and at all of those we had to wait a little bit to go through. The obstacles got progressively more challenging with height, water, fire, and mud all thrown in the mix. We mostly ran through as a team, which was really nice. Several other Team Daren participants completed the Dash just at different start times than those you'll see depicted below. Like last year, we were so humbled and grateful for the friends and family who flew/drove in for the event - to not just get together and have fun (which we did), but to remember Daren and his sacrifice which is why we did it in the first place. After the race we all went out to dinner in downtown Austin and enjoyed each others company.

So here are many pictures from the 2012 Central Texas Warrior Dash. . .enjoy!

Camera Man: Finn, look at the camera and act like a pimp
Finn: Done.

California Hidalgos. 
(that cute one on the right of the pic is Patient Zero. Good thing he's so cute egh?) 

"You only have one life to live, GO BIG" - Daren Miguel Hidalgo

We went big. But the obstacles started small. Team Daren don't need no rope:

Miles don't need no rope 
(Caroline did though.)

First water obstacle:

There was nothing under this (which was a good 15-20 feet up) in the event you fell. Safety, schmafety.

And the fire!

Last obstacle. If anyone wants a 14k gold ring, there's one somewhere in there:

My sister-in-law Jenny. Ya know, the one who just finished CHEMOTHERAPY three months ago.
(obviously super impressive, but does she have to look so pretty even while going through mud!? jerk)

Because Miles didn't get muddy enough??

Miles' dad, sister, and older brother:

(minus those who went through at a different time - we love them too)



  1. Patient Zero hit as far away as Arizona! It was well worth the trip, and I'd do it all over again. Glad to have spent time with all of you Hidalgos, and all the friends celebrating our hero, big D!

  2. You all do such a wonderful job of getting together to remember Daren. I hope you are able to do something every year. Bummer about the barf and the ring. Good job on the hustle :)

  3. It looks like you all had a blast. So touching the theme behind the day.
    Sorry about the ring :(

  4. Ugh being that sick is just SO awful! You did have me laughing with the "little bastard brought all of us down. Hard". always find ways to add humor!

    Major suck about that wedding band that has been through so much with you. I'm sorry the mud claimed it!

    I love that your family does such great things to honor those you love. This is a super intense obstacle...I would have needed more than the rope! And you like your SIL look super cute with mud and all! Jerk ;) xxxooo

  5. Getting sick is the pits. I hate that everyone had to catch it. But I'm so glad you were all well for the Warrior Dash. It is so wonderful that your family comes together to honor Daren and support each other like this.

    I thought of Daren (and you, and Miles) on Veterans Day...thankful for you all!

  6. Damn stomach bug! I'll take full responsibility for patient zero! Sorry everyone!

  7. The ENTIRE family?! Oh you poor sure is a good thing that little guy is so stinkin adorable! I live in deathly, irrational fear of the stomach virus--like a preschool friend hugged me today right before she told me they had the stomach flu last week and I ran to my car and Purelled us from head to toe and then changed my shirt when we got home. So I have full appreciation of how horrid that must have been to deal with! May it be lifetimes before you are plagued again.

    And your wedding band?! What a total bummer. I'm glad the redeeming moments of fun and family made up for it all. Love the jump shots! You guys just look fantastic, you can't tell a bit that you all got taken out before the race! Hopefully Daren at least got some good laughs in on your behalf... ;)

  8. Why isn't there are mud on your face in that last picture? Bummer on losing your ring, but I think if you're gonna lose your ring, I guess it's best to do it when representin' Daren.

    Camera Man: Finn, look at the camera and act like a pimp
    Finn: Done.

    You are hilarious. You guys have such wonderful hearts. I would SO be taking on that Warrior Dash with you guys if we were local. What an honor for Daren and such a wonderful family affair. :)