January 23, 2013

DIY Growth Chart

At the end of the month I plan to share the Pinterest inspired creations that I've accomplished this month. I'll try to do it each moth - hopefully to force me to actually do/make/try some of the billions of things I pin. While this growth chart is a pinterest project that I finally finished this month, I really started it several months back. I first purchased the wood thinking I'd be able to finish the growth chart in no time, only I didn't know what look I wanted so let it sit in the garage and kinda forgot about it. My friend Priscilla made a really cute chart that looks similar to the ones you see in Pottery Barn (for a ridiculous amount of money), but I also liked this one and this one.

In the end the chevrons won, because chevrons are the it shape right now and my growth chart has to be trendy! Really, I just thought it was cute, although a pain in the arse to tape. I don't see too many more chevron projects in my future. Some of the examples I liked had cute tags to annotate measurements, but I decided against those as I didn't want Finn to bump into them or pull them out (in his case probably both).

So, here are the supplies I used:

I stained the wood with a few coats:

Cut out numbers on my silhoutte:

Taped off the chevrons:

Spray painted the board:

Measured my numbers and used a sharpie to fill them in:

Decided this was too bright:

So I used sand paper to distress it a bit:

And applied a protective clear coat on top:

Then (a month later) I finally got around to hanging it:

I made sure to include both kiddos:

And that's that. I don't remember the total cost of the project, but the wood was about $6 and I had a lot of the other materials on hand. But even if you need to buy stain and paint, you still are looking at no more than about $15 total. Bring it Pinterest.



  1. Love it! And love that both boys are included. <3

    Ps. Your post makes me want to buy a silhouette! :)

  2. Good job!!! I love this and now I'm scouting out where I will put my own DIY growth chart. I really hope Finn lets you keep measuring him until he's 6 feet tall (because he will definitely be taller than both of his parents!). :-)

  3. Your skills are super impressive. I think the distressed look is amazing. :)

  4. Yay! Love the Pinterest project. That looks super cute. I know I've pinned one of these. I'm adding this to my mad summer to-do list.

  5. I always love your DIY projects!! This looks fantastic! I love the model you used for the photos too... ha ha

  6. Oh I love it. We have been planning to make one for so long but keep procrastinating...

  7. Amaze balls!! Where is the website to order one of these puppies?! Haha honestly I'd buy a few!!

  8. Love the chevron. I wish i had attempted it.

  9. Love this. And love that Cale was included <3

  10. This is amazing! I know I pinned this a long time ago with the intent to make and you have inspired me to at lest go get a piece of wood this weekend- lol!!!