September 21, 2013

Bye Bye Binkie, Hello Unnerwear

Two big things have happened for Finn in the last month. First, he ditched the binkie and most recently he ditched (the daytime) diaper.

Let me preface this all by saying that I started this blog a way to document our lives and what's going on. That is my only intent. Some day I might forget when and how Finn transitioned away from the binkie and diapers and I will be glad I kept this virtual log of it. I know that binkie transitions and potty training can be very challenging so I don't want this to come off as "look how awesome my kid is" but seriously, this kid is really awesome and I got really, really lucky. Because I went into neither transition with any tricks up my sleeve or any preparation, yet Finn made them pretty low stress, so he deserves all the credit here. I fully expect, should we be so lucky as to do this again with another kid, it won't be this easy (but fingers crossed it will and we get that chance!)

First went the binkie. I realize that some people won't ever struggle with this because their kids were just never binkie babes, either by their choosing or their parents, but Finn was a binkie babe from the get go and I was totally on board with that. I am sure I'd be signing a different tune if taking it away was a battle, and I'd maybe regret giving him one, but it wasn't, so I don't. Around one year old we took it away during the day and he only got it at nap time or bed time. He'd also get it on a long road trip because holy hell those are lifesavers when you are only 2 hours in to an 18 hour drive to Wisconsin all the way from Texas.

Shortly before Finn's cousin was born I started to tell him that we were going to give Jenny's baby all of our binkies. I figured this was a good way to test him out - without having to take the binkie away when his own sibling arrives so as not to have any resentment issues. I suppose this could have backfired and he could have resented his cousin instead, but alas he is very fond of baby Wyatt. So a few days before Jenny gave birth I just took them away cold turkey. I put him down one night and when he asked for his binkie I just said "binkie is all gone, we gave it to Jenny's new baby" and that was that. He asked for it a couple more times at nap/night, but never fussed when I didn't give it to him and amazingly it didn't impact his sleep much. His naps for a few days seemed a little shorter, but he has since gone back to his regular nap duration. I also think it helps that a few weeks prior to all this we started giving him a monkey at night that Miles once referred to as "snuggle monkey." The name stuck and now Finn requests "nuggle monkey" if he's not already in the crib waiting to snuggle each night.

When Wyatt was born I had Finn actually give him a binkie, just to connect it all. He got a firetruck in return. That baby Wyatt is so thoughtful:


The potty training began last weekend. I hadn't planned on starting now, as I just didn't think Finn was ready. He's been sitting on the potty for awhile, just to get familiar with it, but never had any interest in doing anything on it. But then last Friday he said "poo poo" before actually going poo poo, so I asked if he wanted to do his thang on the potty and sure enough, he ran to the potty and went. The same thing happened the next time he needed to go poop. So I figured I may as well try full on potty training. Again, we just kinda of switched him cold turkey. I put him in underwear "unnerwear" in the morning and just kept taking him to the bathroom. He went the first time I took him and I was so proud, I let him watch "George Monkey" (curious George) on youtube as a reward. When it was over he asked for "more George Monkey", but I said "not until you go potty again." Well, the smart little boy just stood up on the chair in the office and went pee. Well played Finn, well played. So we washed the chair pad and used that as a lesson for both mom and babe - you're all wet because you went pee, if you need to go pee pee, you go on the potty, we want to keep our underwear dry, etc. Obviously this was all new to him, but he fortunately did not like to be "all wet" and by the second day was able to stop peeing when he realized he was wet and finish going on the potty. By day three he started telling me when he needed to go and since day four he has been accident free. Like I said, I really did not do much and am amazed it happened so fast. I cheered him on when he would go on the potty and make a big deal of it. And when he was wetting his underwear I would just say in a sad tone of voice "we don't go pee pee in our underwear, we go pee pee in the potty." I also took him to the potty every thirty minutes or so the first few days then started stretching that out longer and longer. When he's busy playing or reading books I'll ask him if he needs to go potty, just to make sure he is paying attention to when he needs to go. We've been able to run errands and kinda just continue on our normal routine which has been really nice, thanks to a portable seat my sister-in-law lent me - it makes leaving the house much easier as I take him to him to the bathroom as soon as we get to the store (and by store I mean the grocery store or Target because that's where we spend most of our time). He's wearing a pull up during naptime and a disposable diaper at night (as he's not going through enough cloth for it to be worth the extra wash cycle). I'm not going to mess with nap/nights for a bit yet, probably not until he's out of the crib. My only complaint about all this, is how much it ages him! I mean seriously, look at this grown up. Two going on Twelve!

It's great that I haven't had to wash any diapers in a week, but there's something about a kiddo in diapers that makes them so very baby and I already miss that:

But, this kiddo is no longer a baby. He's a little boy now. He may even be skipping boy and jumping straight into being a man, after all he does a much better job with pooping on the potty if he's allowed some reading material:

So there you have it. Two years, three months and just all sorts of grown up.


Update: In the interest of full disclosure, three hours after posting this blog, Finn went poop in his underwear before saying "go potty"  . . . sooo, disregard that "accident free" comment. We're getting there.


  1. Unnerwear... Ah, the cuteness.

    Finn, will you please come tell Addalee how cool it is to ditch the paci and the (daytime) diapers?! She's not convinced!

    Good job little guy! And Mama!!

  2. I love this post. Sometimes it can be easy and that is okay too. You followed his lead and he was ready. Awesome job Mama! Way to go Finn!

  3. Finn is such a big man! I'm hoping Zuzu has such smooth transitions. And even though I'll be happy to no longer be washing diapers on a daily or every-other-day basis, I totally get the nostalgia for diapered babies. Finn makes big boy unnerwear look cute though!

  4. He's adorable with that pacifier hanging out of his mouth while sleeping. Like, "I'm so out right now, I cant even handle it...!"

    I know I'm light years behind you... but we gave Theo solids for the first time yesterday, and it made me sad a little (But also extremely proud!). But I ached for the newborn itty bitty infant that will never be exclusively breastfed again! Ever!

    And your boy has got undies on! ah!

    As long as he lets you cuddle him until he's 30, I'm sure everything will be ok.

    Way to go Finn, atta boy... atta BIG boy :)

  5. Way to go Finn!! Potty training was my least favorite task as a Momma... I have to admit! lol Colston was fully trained (through the night as well) by 28 months. He was still in his crib as well. Once or twice he woke screaming "I gotta peeee, I gotta peee" It worked until we transitioned him until his big bed, which was at 32 months, I believe. He just learned to hold it through the night.

  6. You know what you are? Manipulative. The whole binkie handover to the new cousin and toy escapade. Just sheer brilliance.

    I am a little jealous Finn is transitioning so well! And of course totally thrilled for you. I hope it continues on the steady path. :)

    As for B... He will probably be five. My goodness. The kid says "potty" and flushes the toilet, but LORD HELP ME if he sees me using it. He comes over and hits me. And his desire to sit on the potty at all? Nil.

    Gonna need to learn from you, my courageous friend!

  7. Grown Man! Such a big boy Finn- glad it worked out well for you guys :) I hope we have some good luck with Mase too! Will definitely be calling/texting you for suggestions!

  8. Ohhh the stories I could share! But I will spare you ;) Glad it went so smoothly, you deserve that! Good job mama and GOOD JOB FINLEY!!!

  9. Grace just laughs when she sees me pee on the potty. I'm hoping she becomes inclined to use it in the springtime because that would be super convenient for me! ha! We'll see.

    He looks so adorable in unnerwears. I'm planning to steal ALL your tricks!