September 26, 2013

Play Room Makeover

We are very fortunate that the house we are renting right now has a great space for a playroom. It's just this open room between the back two bedrooms (one is the nursery where Finn still resides, and one the messy guest room that will eventually become his big boy room thus forcing me to find a space for all my sewing/project/storage crap).

We have a big chair, bookshelf, and the IKEA expedit shelf in the room to house all Finn's toys. It's a nice area to contain all the kiddo things even though they do trickle throughout the house each day. This is what it looked like when we moved in and set it up:

The board in the far right picture is the Growth Chart that has yet to be redone. The space and the room is great - but I wanted to add some flare to it. I had been planning on decorating Finn's big boy room with a map/world theme since I'm obsessed with maps, but decided it would make for cuter play room decor.

So I spray painted a bunch of frames and printed off some printables and maps I've been saving and framed some others that I had ordered awhile back. I'll include links to those, but this is what we ended up with:

Here's a closer look at some of the details.

Inflatable globes purchased on Amazon - all three for $10. They are thumb tacked to the ceiling with string.

 Target Find. Bought it over a year ago.

 Top Right: DIY "Places we've been" Map. Map was purchased off e-bay and I stuck it to a framed bulletin board.
Bottom Left: Layout of the city of Paris. From ETSY but it was a gift so I don't have a link.
Bottom Right: Finn's art work. Age 1

Top Right: Zulily purchase. Just love this saying. The font is in a map print too, just to make it extra cute
Bottom Left: US watercolor purchased off ETSY (shop link), found this on Young House Love
Bottom Right: Finn's artwork on a cut out of Texas. Age 2.
The state printables in the top left picture are Arizona (my home state) and Wisconsin (Miles' home state) - I don't have one link for these as it seems there are several sites that offer these free downloads (like anywhere shown here)

Left: Another state map printable, this one Georgia, where the boys were born. Also a little Dr. Seuss quote I put on powerpoint with clipart. Not crazy about it, but I love the saying. Especially since Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go is a book I read to both Cale and Finn in utero.
Right: Framed map from our trip to the Dallas Zoo and a map of Berlin, where Miles was born

Other side of the playroom:

Recovered an old pillow with this state print fabric from Hobby Lobby. Finn likes Utah's choo-choo train.

Found the big world map at Hobby Lobby (used 40% off coupon), and already owned all the globes, Lamp, and metal city wall art.

Finn will either be really good at telling time or totally screwed up. If daddy deploys we will change it to the time zone there, so we will always have Daddy time.

Some other little touches I like include this wood hanging that was in my playroom growing up:

And this cute little craft table that I purchased off Craigslist:

So, there you have it, Finn's playroom with far too many toys. At first I thought maybe it was a little too busy and colorful, but then I remembered it's a play room. That's exactly what it should be - busy, colorful, fun, and most importantly, messy!



  1. That's darling. I can't decide if my favorite thing is Finn's wall art or the three clocks. Such cute details!

  2. Oh I love it! Soooo cute! I'm working on the playroom right now and finding lots of cute little things to decorate with- so much fun!

  3. I want to curl up in the chair and watch them play together. What a fabulous space! You made it so warm and inviting. It is all the little details from spray painting the frames to the beautiful Paris pictures. Love.

  4. That's completely adorable. What a perfect play room. Wanna come help me decorate???

  5. I've been trying to convince Grace to make me some art but she is not interested in partaking in my activities. ha.

    Super cute room. I love all those globes!

  6. I think the clocks and all the details of mapped places that are special to you guys is awesome. Love that he will always know what time Daddy is on. ;) But I hope it's always on YOUR time.

    Where is that block paper thing from? I think we have the same table and chairs! It was a hand-me-down from E's cousin (who is like 14) and I think it's Kidcraft. Really well built and heavy! Perfect art table. I see ours turning into one of those very soon. :)

  7. Adorable! all of it! So when can I send my crew over?