December 3, 2013

Date Night in Style

Being nine months pregnant for the third time in three and a half years can make you a pretty crabby person. Sometimes when I'm up late with heartburn or I wake up because my pelvis pops while I'm trying to roll over, I will look over at Miles - sweet, peacefully sleeping, mouth breathing Miles, and I just want to smother him with a pillow. Technically, he's the reason I'm so uncomfortable right now, but I need to remember what a good guy he can be when the moments of rage and jealousy hit me and I hate him for being able to sleep/walk/function with no pain. He scored some brownie points this past weekend, so that will buy him a few days.

Listen to this while reading if you really want to set the stage right.

  (Though I realize the car in the song and the car depicted below are not the same thing, but whatever).

Over the weekend Miles surprised me by planning a date night. He had arranged for some friends to watch Finn for a few hours so we could go to a nice restaurant. But he also had asked around and found a friend with a convertible he could borrow for the evening as riding in a convertible is on my 30 before 30 bucket list. I'm 99.9% sure I never have before, I've been racking my brain and really can't ever think of when I would have - hence the reason for adding this "goal" to the list.

Anyway, Miles is friends with a guy who has a '71 Toreno that he got back in high school when he mowed the lawn of an elderly neighbor who basically gifted him the car before passing away. 

So we traded cars for the evening and hooked up Finn's carseat to drive him literally two minutes up the street to our friends' house, but he was equally excited about his first convertible ride. "Going SO fast! Red con-burt-able go so fast." I guess with the wind in your hair, 15mph does seem fast. We traded cars before picking him up, so he only got the one ride - but it was cute (and totally bizarre) seeing him in a convertible.

Miles had his ipod set to some Creedence Clearwater and off we went. The ride to the restaurant was about 25 minutes and fortunately it was still 64 degrees out when we left. My hair was a little crazy when we arrived and because it had cooled down during dinner and was dark on the drive back, we put the top up - but it was still a lovely date - especially since it very well may be our last before le bebe.

For the record, major heartburn after that meal. I didn't hold it against Miles though. Lucky bastard.


  1. Lucky bastard is right. My heartburn has been fire-breathing hell these last few weeks.

    What a sweet husband. I love this is and I love you in aviators. :)

  2. Sweet car and even sweeter couple :)

    Finn, you're going to have more life experience than I'll have at 30 by the time you turn 3!
    You're in the home stretch, baby! And for the record, even when I'm not pregnant I want to kick/elbow/punch Peter for sleeping when I can't.

  3. Tell me you're taking Zantac for heartburn? I have to take it during each meal or I would be unable to function. I take it in addition to the more-frequently needed tums for instant relief.

    sweet sweet relief.

    I love the picture of Finn in the convertible. That's the stuff little boy dreams are made of! :)

    Glad you had a lovely night. And lucky for Miles and his mouth-breathing you let him sleep. haha :)

  4. What a sweet man! A special night out so to stop any blood letting from his mouth breathing slumber.

    I love this post. Made me smile.

  5. Cutest couple ever right here. And I love how you hate him. I have some very similar feelings towards Daniel sleeping and carrying abut his life with his untouched body... Ah, men. They'll never know how sweet they have it.

    But Miles is getting you back a bit it seems. He's a doll.

    And Finn. Ahhhg, don't even get me started in that cute kid in that red convertible. Adorable!

  6. That is so super cute. What a keeper.

  7. This is awesome! Miles is a good man!

  8. Catching up:
    1) Love the bedroom. Adorbs. Super impressed you made the bed. We thought about it and found that very same plan but then chickened out and bought into Pottery Barn's racket.
    2) So glad you had the sweet shower (LOVE those wishes) and date night you so deserve.
    3) How are you nine months pregnant?? I'm sure your pregnancy went by much faster for me than for you, but seriously I feel like you just announced! Wishing you all the best for the home stretch! I can't wait to hear the big news.