December 14, 2013

Finn at 2.5

Yesterday our little Finn officially turned two and a half! I know people often say that whatever stage you are in, that is your favorite, but I that's a lie. I think it's hard to really pinpoint a favorite because they are all so different and all so wonderful and all so challenging at any given point. Two and a half year old Finn makes me miss baby Finn. I miss the little baby who slept on Mama's chest, who still had (some) cute baby pudge, who didn't know how to throw a temper tantrum or what the word "no" meant. But I also LOVE how fun Finn is right now. I love that he likes to help Mama, he wants to cook or clean, and is becoming independent enough that he wants to try things for himself instead of having us do it for him - like take off his clothes, put on his shoes, etc. I love how in love with Dada he is. He asks Miles things like "Dadda go play?" "Dadda build train track?" "Do it again!" (when Miles is throwing him up in the air), "Dadda read book" and it just is the sweetest thing to witness.

Finn loves learning about the world around him. He likes to narrate for you whatever you are doing, "Mama making da waffles," "Mama driving the car" and sometimes will call you out in the process, "Dadda fart. Dadds stinky. Dadda need to go potty?" (bahaha - that did just happen the other day. Anytime Finn farts he says "Finley fa-ted" and so we ask him if he's stinky and needs to go potty. I guess he felt he needed to do the same to Miles). He points out what he sees "see dat digger! see dat back hoe" and wants you to explain things he doesn't understand. I don't mind taking time to explain things to him and try to understand what he's asking or what he's pointing to when he is curious about things as it's pretty amazing to see him learning and processing things. Potty training, on the other hand, proved to be a true test on my patience. Once he established that he could tell you he needed to go potty and was good at going in the potty, it was (is) hard for me not to lose it when he has an accident. Fortunately they are fewer and further between, but I have to take deep breathes in the moment and remember that he is only two and a half. Accidents happen. But sweet Jesus kid, I just asked you if you needed to go and you said no, you little liar! He is waking up with more and more dry pull-ups during naptime - in fact he hasn't had a wet one yet this week (knock on wood), but I don't think we will switch to underwear during naptime just yet.

As far as his naps go, he's still (fortunately!) napping about two hours each day and sleeping about 12 each night. I do not at all take that for granted and will miss when that changes. We are still waiting on his two year molars to pop through (ugh), He's roughly 25 pounds (lil peanut), wears 2T shirts and 18 month pants/shorts. I even have to ensure his pants have the adjustable waist as he is just so dang skinny! His vocabulary, sentence structure and overall intelligence amaze me constantly. He loves any and all trucks/cars/planes/etc, would watch "choo choo bideos" all day if you let him, and loves to run wild at the gym and park. Finn is sweet and gives hugs upon request, big and wet open mouth kisses, and still (though sadly not as much) requests the occasional "nuggle."

He also knows what time out is and has many a moments where he whines for no legitimate reason or throws a fit simply to throw a fit. He will let you know when he's "all done cying" and ready to move on though. But the whining - oh the whining is another test of my patience.

But two and a half years with this boy? So amazing. We are lucky, lucky parents.

"Biss it" = kiss it, as in make the monkey's owie all better



  1. I love Finn. Finn makes 2.5 sounds fun. I love how present you are with him, meeting him where he is. You never strike me as a Mama that wishes he would just "hurry up" or "slow down." Just present and appreciative. You are lucky parents and he is a lucky boy!

  2. I love Finn too.

    Love his biss it and make it better. and he takes the book to his lips.. ah, too cute, too too cute right there.

    And you know what else I love... I love that he sleeps 12 hours at night. And for everyone's sake in that house of yours.. I hope he doesn't stop any time soon!!

  3. No-filter Finn, I love it! He is just the sweetest little/big 2.5yr old brother out there.

    That push and pull of being holding on and letting go, of loving where they are in some ways, wishing they were farther along in other things, longing to go back every other is so hard. And so wonderful. Finn, you are so lucky to have a Mama and Dadda who don't take that for granted!

  4. What a sweetheart. You and I sound like similar people... things frustrate me because 1. I don't like being lied to and 2. I'm totally a perfectionist and take things personally when I don't succeed-- which is how I think I'll take potty training when he makes mistakes and I wasn't anticipating it accurately.

    What a doll he is to kiss that book. B does similar things, but the language is obviously so different for a 21-month old and 2.5 year old. It's fascinating to watch my own kiddo and see yours growing with these excerpts. I love what we're seeing now but also love the idea of him being like Finley in the coming months. Just wish these boys could be real life friends that go see diggers together.

    We're taking B on the train to Chicago next weekend and I can't think of a single kid I'd want to have with us more than Finn (above B and Andrew of course). B loves a "choo choo", so I think it's going to be a real hit.

  5. I have been struggling a little bit with loving the 1.5 year stage--Zuzu needs her language skills to catch up with her desires. And she's not a very good listener! I keep thinking it will get a little easier as she gets older... Finn seems pretty dreamy at 2.5.