December 17, 2013

Welcome, Baby Sister

I will eventually write out a birth story, but wanted to share that Finn, who was adamant all along that I was having a baby sister, was right. With joy and love we welcomed Mary Adelaide Hidalgo into the family. Our third baby, our first girl, a total surprise. 

This video was taken several weeks ago but for the last few months when asked "baby sister or brother" or "baby girl or baby boy," (and regardless of order asked) Finn always said I was having a baby girl, a baby sister.

Maybe we should have him buy a lotto ticket tonight!

Welcome, sweet Mary - you're so loved.

Mary Adelaide Hidalgo
December 16, 2013
6lbs, 12oz  18.25in


  1. I have been a blogger stalker. I knew you were close! Yeah for you guys! So excited for you!
    Merry Christmas and Congrats!

    The Tennills

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him.

    And he totally called that! And her name, too!
    What a lucky boy. <3

    Congratulations again Hidalgo family!

  3. He says her name just as I expected him to sound saying it. Precious!

  4. Congratulations! I'm so excited that Mary has joined our growing tribe of rainbows. xoxo

  5. What a sweet boy! Welcome sweet Mary! We love you!

  6. I just cannot get enough of her. And him. And them together <3

    And I cannot get over how *much* she looks like her big brothers. So perfect and beautiful, these babies of yours. Just love you all.

  7. Oh, she's a sweetie. Must get that from her big brother Finn, because oh my god is he priceless! Get him on those lotto tickets stat!
    So happy for you guys, and I just love Mary. What a perfect name. Nice call Finn ;)

  8. Wow! Mary is definitely Cale and Finn's sister. Looks just like you hidalgo babies!!! Can't wait to see her big brown Disney eyes.and Finn is so darling with is prediction and saying his sisters name. I do love the name isla too. :)

  9. Love seeing the close up of her face! She's beautiful!
    Love how Finn just knew in his lil heart what his mama needed!
    She was born on my mom and lil bros bday and I have a sister Mary! :)

  10. So happy for you all! What a beautiful baby girl with a beautiful name!

  11. The way he says "Mary" melts my heart. So sweet. So happy for you.

  12. What a joy! I wish you all every blessing as you enjoy these first moments with Mary. What a great, classic name. Couldn't be happier for you! I totally teared up reading your news.

  13. Wonderful news! She is beautiful, and I love her name. Love to your whole family.

  14. Welcome indeed! Your boy is a genius. That's probably it.