January 16, 2014

A Very Mary Month

Our little girl is one month old today. Mary is a very sweet little baby. She's a great nurser, even better snuggler, and becoming more and more alert every day. I think she's hovering right at, or close to, nine pounds now and has already outgrown some newborn clothes and officially out of newborn diapers. I tried some cloth diapers today, but think we have some more chunking up to do before we are ready for those full time. She sleeps in about three to four hour stretches at night, and while I wish those were a bit longer, I'm grateful to have at least that. She still prefers for her legs to be scrunched up (which I love), has brown eyes that oddly enough seem to be getting lighter, and her hair, while hard to believe, has actually thinned out a little. She has a very strong neck and makes little grunts as she's falling asleep. She seems to be annoyed when she's swaddled initially, but dozes off to sleep more soundly as a result of it. 

I can't stop taking pictures of her - especially as I see how quickly she's changing. Below are pictures from the last several weeks when I've subjected her to little photo shoots. Fortunately, she's very patient when it comes to getting her picture taken. If she's anything like her father, that won't last long.

She's a delightful little baby who I can't imagine not having. It's been such a wonderful month and I hope for many, many more just like it.



  1. I love the little photo shoots and that rainbow tushy. Isn't it incredible how quickly it is impossible to imagine a life without them.

  2. Oh those toes.
    And the Mary Had a Little Lamb. And the little bookworm pic! Glad she could pull off those rainbow colors so fabulously, too :)
    I'm getting really tempted to just buy a ticket and come scoop her up one of these days!

  3. She's so sweet. I know we had commented to each other how baby Finn and baby Theo (like, really fresh newborn pix) looked very similar to each other... but um, Mary I swear could be Theo's twin! In those pictures of her in the basket...wow, like looking at my son with barrette.

    So that being said, I can tell you that you most definitely have the cutest kids out there ;)

    I love your photo shoots. I don't blame you. These babies change so fast, and it's impossible to capture every.single.second... but it's a need all the same.

    Love the babe with her books. adorable.

  4. She's just so stunning! I love that you spend all your free time (not much I imagine!) taking photos of your beautiful, 1-month old (!!) Mary. Quite creative with the Mary Had a Little Lamb. :)

  5. I love the poses with the books! She's so gorgeous. Can't get enough pics of that sweet newborness.

  6. I love love love her. And these pictures are awesome, you're so creative. When Abby was a newborn, I was just surviving . I didn't have the presence of mind to really take pictures. I feel like I've already forgotten so much of her little babiness, so I'm so happy you are capturing these moments with Mary!

  7. Oh, those pictures. That baby. Delicious.

  8. I love her. Her poses with Finn slay me, and her little rainbow butt is so adorable. :)