January 4, 2014

M is for Mary; Choosing a Name

One of my favorite parts of having a baby is getting to come up with a name. I'd have to have about a half dozen more kids to use all the names I love . . . and that's certainly not going to happen. When pregnant with Cale, the front runner for his name was Henry. But then Miles suggested Cale and I loved it. I was (am) crushed when it became a name we wouldn't get to use. At least in the way we wanted. But I'm so glad that my boy who got so little was at least given a name that we loved so much.

I've mentioned before that Finley (also a name Miles thought of) was originally going to be Finley Sears. But after Daren was killed, and Finley arrived safe and sound, it just felt right to carry on Daren's name with his nephew.

Since we didn't know the gender the last time, it made picking names a little different. I'm sure we could have had one boy and one girl name, but we just felt like we wanted a couple options - to wait and see what we had first, and what he/she looked like.

We had narrowed our selection to a few we kept coming back to so I stuck these post its on my bathroom mirror a few weeks before giving birth. My mom did this when she was pregnant with me and my siblings as it forces you to look at the names several times a day. In order to ensure Miles also saw the names several times a day, I stuck post its on the back of the bathroom door.

Harrison, which is Cale's middle name, was my top boy choice for a long time, but near the end of my pregnancy I started to like Branson, which is my middle name, more. Miles was also leaning towards Branson so we are pretty sure that if we had another boy, his name would have been Branson Cale.

The two girl names we loved the most were Mary and Isla. I love Isla and think it's a beautiful sounding name. Pronounced Eye-la (like how you say Island), I was worried she would always be correcting people - "it's not is-la, it's eye-la." I also didn't want people to try and put a Hispanic flare on the name since our last name is Hispanic. I wanted Isla, not "Eis-lah." But reservations aside, I still loved the name.

When Mary surprised us by being a she, we waited a little bit before deciding her name. But honestly, when I first saw her, I just felt she was a Mary. Mary is also my mom's first name, though she's always gone by Mary Ann. Adelaide, is her mom, my grandmother's, name. She passed away when I was ten. Adelaide is a girl name I've always loved and the combination of the two - Mary Adelaide - just felt perfect, especially for our little girl.


  1. What a sweetheart. I love the name Adelaide. So classic and yet so original. I love Mary. It was a middle girl name choice when I was pregnant with Alexander.

    I too would have to have about 10 more children if I were to use all my favorite names for boys and girls. Well, I'd have to have about 7 more girls and a few boys to get them all in. Lol.

  2. I always felt like choosing a name was one of the more fun things we get to do. That said, I took the job very seriously and often times would psychoanalyze myself into a corner.

    All of the names are so beautiful and with great meaning. I love when names have meaning. I also love how Finn says Mary and that would have sealed the deal for me right then and there.

  3. Mary was my nana's name (and is one of Anja's middle names) and Adelaide was my great-grandmother's name. I love her name and she is a gorgeous, gorgeous girl. Congratulations!

  4. So beautiful. You crack me up about posting things for Miles to see. Something tells me you've done this before... ;)

  5. Love this whole post. The pictures...all of your name choices...Isla is beautiful! But I understand the worry with people trying to pronounce silent consanants, being that we deal with it every day ;) I think Finn was right--she's obviously a Mary!