July 23, 2014

Little Foodie

About a month ago I stated Mary on solids. I was in no rush to start solids before six months (same time I started with Finn) not because I didn't think she was ready, but mostly because it's just so much easier to just nurse a baby, so essentially I was lazy. And also there's the whole poop thing. I really was in no rush to get to that.

Finn took months to be a somewhat ok baby food eater. He's a great eater now, so I can't complain much, but when he was a baby he really was not interested in food and it was maddening. I really enjoyed making his food, but then would plead with him to eat it and try to trick him into taking bites. I remember having to mix applesauce into just about everything to get him to eat.

Mary is the total opposite. Girl can put back some food! I didn't bother with rice cereal this go around and her first food was carrots (with breastmilk). She did great:

She has since had the following and has yet to refuse anything that's been offered.

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes and Spinach
Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli
Butternut Squash

A few days ago she woke up from a nap and threw up which was very unsettling. She ate squash and avocado prior to that, both things she had had previously, but I'm wondering of maybe the avocado upset her, as it probably was on its last day, so I'm going to hold off on it for a little bit. Also, she doesn't do too well with bananas as the consistency is a little too slimy for her.

Finn asks every day, "what's Mary gonna eat, Mama?" and when I ask him what she should eat he says, "hmmm, sweet potato and prunes" as if he really gave it some thought.

While she has been great with eating, it has really backed her up and as such she now has prunes mixed in to just about everything I give her. Overall, it's been really fun feeding her and watching her try new things, but mostly it's fun to see how much this little meatball loves food!



  1. Okay, those videos melted my heart. I made Matt come over and both of us stood in awe of sweet Mary. What a love. Also, we had that same green bib with Lil and it was great when she was tiny like that but drove me crazy shortly after. It was stiff somehow and she became angry with it.

  2. Good job Mary! She is so sweet and obviously an excellent eater :)

  3. I never gave Zu rice cereal either. We started with sweet potatoes but she didn't care about anything but my boobs for several months. I love that Mary looks as though she plans to keep up her prime physique! Gorgeous girl.

  4. lol she really is the sweetest!
    Grace was ALL about food and couldn't get enough. Piper could not care less. I've tried rice cereal with her but it's a non-starter. I've tried carrots, sweet potato and applesauce but she's not into it. She just turned 5months but I'm not really in a rush, just wanted to see if she would gobble it up like Grace did.

    As much as I love breastfeeding and it's so convenient, it is also super convenient to be able to have someone else feed her.

    Says me who hasn't dealt with food-poop with Piper yet ;)

  5. Oh Mary. You are the absolute most endearing little meatball ever.
    And my kind of girl with that appetite! Keep it up!

  6. Yeah. I might watch that last video every day for the rest of my life.

  7. oh, she's adorable gobbling up every last bit!
    I didn't go rice cereal at all with Theo, and didn't start doing oatmeal cereals until 8-9 months. He loved everything we game in in puree's in those first months. He's such a chunk. Theo and Mary are a match made ;)

  8. Yeah, so I never ever saw this post. ?!

    Before reading the rest of your other post, I'm totally lazy about feeding Claire and was way more exciting with Benjamin. She gets 3 "meals" each day when we do and they are just the same things over and over. She's tried a number of things, but the two purees I have are peas/pears and carrots. I mix with cereal here and there. I've done avocado and banana but SHOCKINGLY she doesn't jive with those!

    Okay, stop blabbing Brandy and back to the other post.