July 17, 2015

Noteworthy Finn Quotes

I'm glad I have some friends who share their kids' funny quotes because it reminds me I need to do the same. The last time I shared some of the funny/sweet/strange things out of Finn's mouth was back in February when he was three and a half and before that was closer to when he was three. So at four, here are a collection of noteworthy Finn quotes:

"Mom, can you carry me please? You're strong enough to carry me."

 . . . . .

"Is Mary's tooth is coming out?"
"No, she's getting a new tooth in her mouth."
"I'm gonna get a new tooth too."
"No, buddy you've already got all your teeth. In a few years you will start to lose your teeth and they will come out"
"That doesn't sound good."

 . . . . .

"Was I born from your tummy?"
"Yes, you were. Just like Cale and Mary."
"Was I born first?"
"No, Cale was born first. After he was born then you were born. After you, Mary was born."
"Who was born from Aunt Jenny's tummy?"
"Carson, Maddox, and Wyatt."
"Was there room for them?"
"Well they weren't all born at the same time. Carson was first, then Maddox, then Wyatt."
"Did all the babies wait their turn?"
"Yes, sweetie, they did."

 . . . . .

"Mom, does Batman wear underwear?"

 . . . . .

Me: "Finn remember, you need to sit in the stroller even if you see other kids out of theirs, ok?"
Finn: "We worry about ourselves, right?"

 . . . . .

Making pancakes one morning

Me: "I don't make shapes like Daddy does, just circles"
Finn: "But circles are shapes, mommy."

 . . . . .

"Is Mary drinking Mama milk? Is it regular milk or almond milk?"

 . . . . .

Finn: "We could take a time airplane to see the thunder."
Me: "No, buddy you wouldn't need a time machine to see thunder, we can see lighting, but we hear thunder."
Finn: "We could take a time airplane to see the dinosaurs. Could we take a time airplane to see Cale?"

 . . . . .

"Don't drive too fast, that hurts my tummy"

For the record, I was going five UNDER the speed limit at the time!

 . . . . .

When Finn finds change or we randomly reward him with some money he excitedly puts it in his piggy bank. He recently used it to buy a tow truck and it's not uncommon that while out running errands he will ask, "Can I save my money up for this?" but one day he asked:

"Can I save my money up for a baby brother?"

Brutiful, right?

 . . . . .

We recently learned the concept of jealousy from the Berenstain Bears

"Finn, can you hand me that napkin?"
"But that's my napkin."
"Ok, then hand me another one please. I need one for Mary."
"Ok. If you want my napkin that's being jealous."

 . . . . .

"Mom, will Daddy be home for dinner?"
Me: "yes, buddy he will."
Mary: "Dadda, Dadda, Dadda!"
"That's right Mary baby, Daddy will be home soon."

 . . . . .

While at Target today

"Want some cat food?"
"No buddy, we don't have a cat."
"You could buy one."
"I don't want to buy one."
"You could borrow one from the neighbor."

Also while at Target, I was looking at a shirt for Miles and hear Finn say:
"Let's get this shirt for Daddy. He likes this shirt"

Apparently Finn is in to cats. And assumes Miles is too.



  1. Aw, I love these! Did they wait their turn?

    While B isn't so much a rule follower, he does like telling me the rules and talking about being kind and following the rules. It's great how their lives are so simple that they like to discuss acceptable behavior and social tendencies.

    I love him. And oh, brutiful.

  2. Ahh, he's a clever one! I love him :)

  3. Please tell me you bought that cat shirt for Miles...

  4. Circles ARE shapes. He's great. I love these always
    And the Cale talk about breaks and bursts my heart right open

  5. Oh, the brother talk. Brutiful for sure. I love "we worry about ourselves."

  6. These are the best! And the time airplane to see Cale... </3