August 4, 2015


We recently got back from a trip to Wisconsin. Other than leaving my phone on the plane (technically Finn left it on the plane, but that's neither here nor there), we had a really great time visiting family, attending the 3rd Annual Hidalgo/Warner Golf Outing, and soaking up some enjoyable time on Lake Michigan which I will blog about later.

The golf outing was awesome; it consisted of a fun tournament and silent auction to raise money for The Fisher House of Wisconsin as well as the memorial funds of Daren and our family friend Rich Warner (who was killed in Iraq in 2004). This year through donations and sponsors and auction funds, $40,000 was raised! Totally amazing.

When Miles' dad spoke at the golf outing he said how the great turnout meant so much because it was a reminder that Daren and Rich's lives mattered and still matter and still are important and how those reminders mean so much to their family who miss them every day.

Rich and Daren's lives were cut far too short, but the brevity of their lives does not diminish the significance of them in any way. I feel the same way in regard's to Cale's life.

I was saddened, but not shocked to learn today that my WWII buddy Mr. Williams has passed away. He was a kind and funny old man I was lucky enough to befriend while we lived in Texas and it was a real honor getting to know him. His nickname was Wimpy, but when asked how he got the nickname he said he's just always had it.  His niece, who he has lived with for the last several years, referred to him as "Uncle Wimpy" and today she called to let me know that he died peacefully while in his sleep. He was 98 years old and yet I couldn't help but find my eyes well with tears upon hearing the news of his passing.

Mr. Williams lived a long and meaningful and honorable life. He was with loving family at the time of his death and until a few months ago was very coherent and mentally sharp. He died of old age. Something that almost seems unheard of these days. And while unusual, when life (and death) don't happen that way it seems unfair and wrong.

It will always be hard to wrap my head around deaths that happen before their time, so today I'm going to be especially grateful for the life of Winfred "Wimpy" Williams and hope that I can only be so lucky.

March of 2014 - Telling Finn to wave at the camera.

Our last visit with Wimpy just prior to our move from Texas in April 2014.



  1. I'm sorry. Mr. Williams seems like a wonderful person. I'm glad he had a peaceful death. xoxo

  2. Very nice tribute Caroline. RIP Wimpy

  3. FORTY THOUSAND? Amazing.

    I'm so sorry your sweet friend has passed. But what a gloriously long life and so many memories.