July 4, 2015

The Best Damn Holiday

The 4th of July really is the best holiday. It's low stress, it's all about having fun, eating good food, and being patriotic. I mean, really. It just doesn't get any better. Plus, nine years ago today Miles proposed!

We had no big plans this year so went to the 4th of July party in our neighborhood. We live in the cutest little neighborhood - the kind of place I will have a hard time leaving because not only is everyone so nice and welcoming, but it's a safe and active community as well. At tonight's festivities there were bounce houses and water slides and food and beer for days. The fireworks are still going on, much to Roscoe's chagrin, but they even had fireworks earlier in the evening for the younger kids. (poppers and some more tame fireworks). Finn is far more brave than I realized and wanted to be involved in EVERYTHING. He had the time of his life tonight and I was literally so happy watching him I thought I would burst in to tears at any moment. I know that sounds so over the top, but it really was such a wonderful night and a reminder of why I just love this holiday. There was a slight drizzle of rain during a good portion of the evening, but it didn't bother Finn (or any of the kids) one bit. Then when the bounce houses and waterslide were re-inflated he rushed off to go partake, not caring that he didn't even have his swimsuit on. He was soaked and shaking and we made him change in to dry clothes before running off to watch the fireworks over our neighborhood lake. Bed time was so much later than normal, but it was worth every minute, getting to experience the excitement and the joy through his eyes.

Miles thought the theme was 80's 4th of July.
We seriously love America.
Get up, sister. Mom wants to take pictures. You know the drill.

It was drizzling non stop, but he could have stayed out there all night.
MA found the rocking chair to be just as fun as the fireworks
This guy does NOT understand the fascination with fireworks.
He's curled up in his bed next to the white noise machine as I type.

This may be my favorite picture of the night.
This kid was all smiles and laughter and it was contagious. 


  1. Love the picture recap! Mary with her little piggy tails and that now and her serious innocent face...I would faint she's so cute.

    And that Finn!! At this age! With so much fun and so many moments to capture! He's the best too.

    The 4th looks like the easiest holiday by far. So much fun to have and witness your littles having. This one is so close to Cale's day, I'm glad your heart can find a light spot to soak life in from xox

  2. What a fun neighborhood! Love your patriotic family

  3. Oh, how nice. I also love the Fourth. Just for the same reasons you mentioned. I also particularly love the 3-day weekend. We had a jam packed weekend and it was all kinds of fun.

    That last picture is amazing and I also really love the one of Mary with Roscoe on the front porch. And hahahahah about Miles and 80's Fourth. Hahahaha

  4. OMG - Mary and Roscoe by the front door. Too much. Looks like a great day!

  5. This is such a happy post.! Ethan had those same shorts for the 4th too :)