May 13, 2011

Our Registry

I've recently been asked by several people if we are registered anywhere for our baby. And since we are slowly, but surely nearing the end of this pregnancy (hard to believe), that question may come up a few more times. So I want to explain to people (or at least those who read this little blog) why we are not registering anywhere this time around.

When I was pregnant with Cale we had created a registry through Babies R Us. In fact, the day we learned the gender, we went straight to Babies R Us to register. It was our way of enjoying and celebrating the fact that we just learned we'd be having a boy! And over the course of the pregnancy I was thrown a wonderful Baby Shower where we received lots and lots of great baby gifts. I even got a surprise shower at work a few weeks before giving birth. The out-pouring of gifts, and love, was just amazing. But the best part was just knowing how loved Cale was as we awaited his arrival. It helped (and still does) ease the pain of losing him, because at least we can look back on our time with him and know he was showered with so much love. (And SO many clothes!)

And now, with our nursery still full of those wonderful gifts, we don't feel right asking for more. We have almost everything we'd need, especially what we'll need early on. We just need the baby. So our "registry" isn't one for gifts, but rather continual love & support, prayers, well-wishes, and lots of positive thoughts! And if people really feel inclined to do something else, we ask that you do not send us a gift, but consider making a donation to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. This incredible organization is one in which professional photographers donate their time and talent to take photos of a baby who has recently passed away or will in the near future and create beautiful remembrance pictures that will help bring comfort to a grieving family, all at no cost to the family. Unfortunately we didn't know about this organization until a few weeks after Cale was born, but we know now and can try our best to get word out. Because the sad reality is that people will still lose children and tragedy will still strike. But having pictures of a baby before, or soon after, their passing will help so much in the healing process. We are fortunate in that we do have a couple pictures of Cale taken by one of our nurses. And while nothing will be as special as our memory of him or holding him, those pictures have brought us so much comfort and will do so the rest of our lives. The are part of our most cherished possessions and organizations like Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep are the reason so many other families have that same comfort.

But just because we aren't registering or having a "typical" baby shower, certainly does not mean that our baby is not already being showered with lots of love. In fact, this past weekend my friend Heidi put together a very sweet dinner in which we celebrated the joys and hopes of this pregnancy and this baby.

In the pictures you may notice the amazingly cute (and amazingly delicious) cake with "Baby Finn" written on it. We never really announced his name, but I think most people already know it anyway and I figured it wasn't worth cropping the pictures or trying to hide. So there you have it . . . . .

Thank you all for the continued love you have given us, our son Cale, and his little brother Finley. It means so much - please keep it coming! Especially during these last 4-ish weeks!


  1. So hard to believe that you are down to 4 weeks! So very exciting and I can't wait to meet sweet Finn!! (I love that last picture, too cute :)

  2. Welcome baby Finn! Come soon. :)

    You look beautiful. I was just talking with my husband about a shower for our future babies. I don't think we'll have them either. Andrew was showered and unbelievably loved. Future babies will also be loved, but we have all we need except that baby in our arms. We talked about just dinner with friends, but would like to have a "shower" with love post-birth when we finally have our take-home baby.

    Just seems normal just like any parent to have subsequent children-- and especially for us in this situation. I would rather not have 3+ showers before any babies. Please give me the baby first, then we can talk showers. :)

    4 weeks! Eeeek!

  3. You are a beautiful lady inside and out! Think of you all the time!
    Love the name Finn! It will suit him well!
    Will continue to be praying for you these last few weeks!

  4. Less than 4 weeks now!!! Yea!!!
    FYI As soon as I get the chance I am going to copy the "Hello my Name is" cute!

  5. Love the pictures...especially the last one! I'm bummed it didn't work out for me to make it to the shower. Sweet Finn is loved by many!!

    Not long until we all get to meet him! :)

  6. I love the name Finley.

    I also agree w/ the shower situation, especially if you have everything you need. I second what Brandy wrote about having a "meet the baby" shower after he or she is born rather than a shower before.

    Less than 4 weeks, that must seem crazy! You look amazing

  7. Fart, I had a comment written up and posted last night - I thought! But it didn't work out...oh well!

    I said something along the lines of: We aren't registering anywhere either. I've had a few people ask me if there's going to be a shower, but I don't think I could do it again, nor do we really need to. Such a weird place to be, huh?

    Thank you for sharing all your pictures. You look GREAT! And I absolutely love the name tag picture, I might just have to steal that!

    I love the idea of a get together like you had, or a "meet the baby" shower.

    So excited that you're getting so close. 4 weeks is NOT a long time - did you need me to remind you!? :) Can't wait to see pictures of the handsome baby Finn!

    I continue to keep you in my prayers!