May 29, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

Yesterday morning at 4:30, I got the best call I've received in a long time. Miles was home and calling from the driveway! Normally after a deployment I'd go pick him up at work, but he came home with a small group and had to flew into North Carolina where his unit picked him up to drive him home. Fortunately, they just dropped him off at home.

I eagerly, but painfully, got out of bed and hurried downstairs. Roscoe was very confused and started barking as soon as he saw someone was outside, but when I opened the door and he saw who it was he just ran up to Miles and jumped up on him before I even had the chance to hug him myself!

It's so wonderful to have him home. It's one less thing to worry about, especially when my mind is already filled with so many other worries. And it's so great to have him back to help navigate these last couple weeks of this pregnancy. Roscoe couldn't seem to believe he was back for good. Even after we went back to bed to get a few more hours of sleep, Roscoe was so happy to see Miles still there when he woke up. He was jumping on him all morning - I took this picture with my phone, so it's not the best quality, but still captures our very happy pup.

The timing of his return is extra special as we'll have a little bit of time to cherish just being together and reflect on all that we've been through since the last time he came back from a deployment, only to lose Cale a day later, to now as we wait two more weeks to meet Finley. It does bring back a lot of emotion, but I knew it would and I'm just so grateful that Miles is home safe and sound to help keep my sanity somewhat intact.

Also, he made it home in time for Memorial Day. Another time to reflect and remember his brother, our friends, and all those who have lost their life in service to our nation. We have so much to be grateful for and Memorial Day helps me keep that in perspective, despite the pain we've endured this past year.

And lastly, Miles' return means that we will get to spend our first Anniversary together which is coming up in a few days. We were both in Afghanistan on our first one and Miles was deployed on our second and third and very nearly this one as well. I suppose one outta four ain't bad!

Here's hoping that his return marks the beginning of a very happy chapter in our lives!


  1. Yea! Welcome home brother!

  2. I'm so glad he's home! I bet you need him about now to calm those nerves. I would be a mess!

    Soon, soon!!!

  3. Caroline, I wanted to reach out and say hi to you. I too have deployed to Afghanistan (my husband went to Baghdad a year before I left). I too have lost a baby full term, my daughter (my firstborn too) Georgiana Bliss at 38 weeks and 2 days, on March 20. Saying many prayers for you and sending calm and happy vibes your way.

  4. So glad he is back! Can't wait to see you all soon!!!

  5. I feel you, Roscoe:) So thankful he's home to be with you, that naughty pup and your sweet belly. Can't wait to see his diaper changing skills is just a few short weeks. Love you all so much.

  6. So happy for all of you. We send you our love and prayers. Big kisses from Switzerland.

  7. Dear Caroline,
    I'm glad that your husband made it home
    to be with you. I sent you a message I
    hope it made it through.


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