June 1, 2011

It's June!

It's hard to believe that June is finally here. We will meet our son this month. It's wonderfully exciting and incredibly nerve-wracking all at the same time.

I've gone through the majority of this pregnancy with the support and friendship of two other baby-loss-mommas Rhiannon and Priscilla, who I've mentioned before in some of my blogs. They both live close by and are pregnant and have just become very dear friends as we go through this crazy journey together. Not to say that my friends and family who haven't experienced a loss haven't been a huge support, because they certainly have, but it's really been special, in a very tragic way, to have others who have "been there." I feel like we are able to give each other hope while intimately understanding each others fears and worries. Priscilla is at a similar point in her pregnancy and was hoping to be induced today, but has to wait a few more days so that her little guy Sam can develop his little lungs just a bit more.  I'm so anxious to meet Sam. He will be the first  rainbow baby of our little group to make his debut and it's just so exciting to know that his day is almost here. So for all those wonderful people supporting me as we anxiously await Finley's arrival, please keep Sam and his mom Priscilla in your thoughts and prayers - as well as all those who are in eager anticipation of their rainbow babies.

I do have some good news to share that I hope stays good news. . .at my appointment yesterday, Finley was head down! It figures doesn't it? I've been asking him to move for a few weeks and two days after Miles gets home, he moves. I'm glad he at least listens to his dad! Although I do still worry that he won't stay put. There are times I think I can feel his head again at the top of my belly, but hopefully it's just his little butt. We'll find out on Friday if he's still behaving or is back to being a breechy little fella!


  1. It is so hard to believe that it is already June. I am excited to meet our two rainbows this month :) I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Finley stays put in the head down position!

  2. You're so sweet! I'm so glad that we were able to meet and build such a friendship!

    YAY for it being June!!!!! Here's hoping sweet Finley stays head down and ready to go. :) It won't be long until we hopefully have two healthy little rainbows (and not much longer after that and we'll have a third!)!