June 7, 2011

A Happy Heart

Today my friend Priscilla gave birth to her rainbow baby, Samuel Ryan. My other friend Rhiannon and I were able to go meet Sam tonight and just bask in the little miracle and bundle of hope and that he is. And oh, he's so cute. He's a little peanut at 5 pounds, 8 ounces - so precious!

Meeting Sam was really good for both Rhiannon and me who are awaiting rainbow babies. He gives me such hope that despite life's tragedies, happy endings certainly do exist. Thank you to all of you who read about Priscilla and Sam in my earlier blog and kept them in your prayers - hopefully next week we'll be sharing pictures of Sam's friend Finn!


  1. Dear Caroline,

    I can't wait to hear that news.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  2. congrats to Pricilla!!! He is such a beautiful baby! What a wonderful blessing. : )