March 28, 2013


My sister-in-law Jenny and I took the boys to the park this week. They were running around playing, going down the "lide" (slide) and having fun in the swings. It was a really pretty day and the sun was out. Finn wouldn't let go of his snack cup and held it the whole time while he played on the playground. There were a few older boys playing, but they mostly kept to themselves. Then Finn ran by one, he must have been about eleven, give or take a year. He saw Finn and said "Well hi. You're cute." Finn looked up, but didn't say hi back so I spoke for him. "Can you say 'hi, my name is Finn?'" "That's a neat name" he replied. "Thanks," I said, "what's your name?"

"My name's Kale."

I always knew that at some point I would meet another Cale. I did once during my pregnancy with him - it was a toddler in my friend's daughter's daycare. And I know other people who know Cales. But since having our own, I've never met another. I was almost surprised to hear it was his name, not because I wasn't expecting it (which I wasn't as it's not a common name), but because I guess I irrationally always thought that I'd meet a little boy named Cale who was born in the summer of 2010. Who was the age my Cale should be. I don't know why I thought that, but just knew that when I met a Cale it would make my heart skip a beat and cause me to pause.

And it did. I got that almost nervous feeling you get right before speaking in front of a large group or are in an uncomfortable situation.

But it was a fleeting feeling and after my initial response of "really, you're name is Cale?"  "Yes Ma'am," he said, I just smiled, pointed to Finn and said, "that's his brother's name too."

"Oh neat."
"Do you spell it C-A-L-E?"
"No, I'm K-A-L-E like the vegetable."
"You're actually the first other Cale that I've met"
"Really? Well your son is the first one I've ever heard of either."
"Well, it's a great name."
"Thanks. His name (motioning to Finn) is neat too"
"Thank you."

He was a really sweet kid. I found myself creepily watching him from time to time before we left the park. His brother bumped into another kid and started crying when he bit his tongue. He ran over and asked if he was ok. He also went up to another, much younger, boy on the playground asking if he wanted to join their game of tag.

I think it made my heart especially happy that this particular Kale was kind. If he had been a little punk I would have wanted to smack him and tell him not to ruin the name. But he wasn't. He was a good boy with nice manners and the best name.

It was a nice day.



  1. That's a really sweet picture of Finn.

    I'm glad that Kale wasn't a little punk. He sounds like a really good kid, and like he's doing the name proud! And I'm glad you were able to share about your Cale!

  2. This makes me smile. I'm so glad the other Kale was such a kind, polite kid.

  3. That's really special. I'm so glad he was such a wonderful boy. I know this is so far-fetched and I'm not one for signs or anything, but in some special way, it feels like the spirit of your Cale was evident in this Kale's personality. Like a little gift of knowing he would've been such a great person.

  4. What a sweet moment...And to have the chance to share a little bit of your Cale with another Kale!

  5. That's so amazing <3 I'm glad that Kale had such a good spirit. Definitely makes me think your Cale had a hand in you meeting him and seeing what a good person shares his name :)

  6. This is so sweet. I'm happy Kale was sweet, and kind.
    I too find myself watching, and letting my mind wander when confronted with other Alexanders. (there haven't been any babies yet).
    I'm touched by your special moment <3

  7. Love that! I have a local Blm friend whose brother's name is Hayes. I met him at our walk to remember and got choked up when i said hello to him. Have herd of three other Hayes, but he's the only one I've met. :/

  8. I remember you saying before that you wondered what your reaction would be. I'm so glad it was this :)

  9. </3. You're a better person than I am.

    I get ragey jealous when I meet other Jack's... Like maybe there are only so many other "Jacks" that can live at one time, and why not mine too? It's illogical, and yet.

    Glad he was a nice Kale. Glad he made you smile! :)