March 23, 2013


Number 17 on my list of things to do before I'm thirty is to get together with some of my baby loss/blog friends. I have already succeeded in doing this TWICE and the best part is that I'll get to meet more this summer. First, I met Brandy and her family when they came to Texas for a wedding:

 Andrew and Benjamin's Momma

Then I got to meet Natasha and her family when we took a little road trip to Houston recently:

Aiden and Mason's Momma

This summer I'm going to be getting together with several other baby loss friends who I've connected with over the years. If anyone is interested in joining us, shoot me an email - the more the merrier. It's going to feel like a great big reunion when in reality most of us have never even met before. This community has been the best thing for me in regards to being able to really grieve for Cale and the complexities of losing a child, in particular losing one to stillbirth as many of my friends lost children in similar fashions. When I talk about these women I find myself saying, "my friend" when again, I haven't even met most of them, yet I really meant that. These connections, through support groups and blogging, emailing and link ups, have formed genuine and wonderful friendships that I'm beyond grateful for, but of course not a single one of us wishes we knew each other. At least not under the circumstances that we do. One of life's cruel and beautiful things I suppose.


  1. I'm so glad you've been able to meet up with some of the ladies you've connected with through this journey! It's funny how when you finally meet in person, it's as if you're just catching up with an old friend rather than meeting them for the first time. And how awesome that you'll be meeting more this summer!

  2. Oh how's probably wonderful to have that online connection, but so much more meaningful, I'm sure, to be able to give each other a hug in person.

  3. I so wish I could be there this summer, but it just doesn't seem like its in the cards this time around. But I find myself calling the ladies I've met my friends as well. I don't feel as though we're online acquaintances, but genuine friends. I mean, some of my "real life" friends don't know as much about me and my Caroline...while y'all just get it. You know?!

    If you're ever traveling in the Tennessee area, you need to stop by here!!!! ;)

  4. Love the pictures :) It was so good to see you guys and have dinner. I still crack up every time I look at the picture of Finn patting Mason's hair- lol!