March 26, 2013

March Expeditions

Between long weekends and Miles having some block leave, we've really been able to get out and explore this month which has been really nice. We've hit up Dallas, Houston, Brenham, and New Orleans recently and I just wanted to recap some of the highlights from each.

And because he's the most spoiled pup ever, we brought Roscoe along everywhere we went:

La Quinta's love the Pups, so we love La Quinta.

We went up to Dallas twice this month. The first was when Miles attended a weekend long CrossFit weightlifting seminar. While he was at the gym, Finn and I explored the town.

Dallas Aquarium:
I didn't take too many pictures as it was super crowded and hard to really see too much without waiting in long lines and trying to push my way through with the stroller. Finn seemed to enjoy what he did see though.

Dallas Zoo:
The zoo was much more successful than the aquarium as we went shortly after they opened when there was barely anyone else there. This meant that Finn could run around and I didn't have to worry about him getting out of my sight. Also, we got to feed a giraffe and see the animals up close without many people around. He loved the lions and kept saying "rawr" and kept calling the elephants "huppy." He made monkey noises when he saw the monkeys and loved seeing the horses and ponies in the children's section of the zoo. I just loved seeing him recognize so many animals and make their respective sounds. We definitely will hit up another zoo sometime soon.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science:
We hit up this museum on our more recent trip up to Dallas. The pictures do not do it justice for just how much it had to offer and all the different exhibits.

When I was young, I was obsessed with the movie Apollo 13 and it got me so totally enamored with the space program, astronauts, etc. So while in Houston we went to the Space Center to fulfill my childhood dreams. It was really neat, don't get me wrong - but we just did the Space Center part which is really catered to young kids and Finn is too young to be a space/science geek - fingers crossed he will be though! I wish he had more time and did the tour of NASA. Maybe another time though.

We also met up with my friend Natasha and her family while in Houston which I mentioned in my last post.

New Orleans:
After Houston we drove to New Orleans. I had never been before and it was exactly what I thought it would be - though I'm sure it's an entirely different city when you aren't exploring it with a toddler. We ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde which were worth every minute waiting in line, checked out the St. Louis Cathedral, toured the World War II Museum which was amazing, and ate things like alligator and listened to jazz on just about every street corner. Not many pictures, but I thought the one of Finn was cute. We were in the French Quarter and he saw a statue of Andrew Jackson on a horse and kept saying "nehh."

On our way back home we stopped in Brenham, Texas to tour the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory. It's mostly a southern distributed ice cream, so if you live in a state that doesn't have it - just trust me when I say you're missing out. They gave out huge free samples at the end of the tour, even one for Finn, but he was kind to share the majority of it with Mama. Smart boy.

That's it for our travels this month, but we have also had some visitors. First my dear friend Anna came out for a few days which was wonderful, but even more exciting when she left as she got engaged shortly after!

After Anna left, Miles' brother and his family arrived. They are living with us until they find and close on a house in Austin. Finn is loving having his cousins here - more on that later as having three little Hidalgos in the house, three and under, are worthy of their own post.


  1. We really are living in parallel worlds. I just uploaded an animal sounds video of Ethan for a post because that's all he does when we go out!

    Looks like an awesome trip. Roscoe cracks me up in that big bed. I wish Samson was a good travel buddy, but but after a $200 seat belt repair when he was trying "protect" our car from a passing motorcycle we had to start boarding him.

    Jealous of New Orleans, I've never been. I bet the NASA tour is amazing too. I think that picture of Finn with the penguins is about the cutest thing I've ever seen...

    My parents grew up in Blue Bell, PA, and I remember the day as kids we discovered that Blue Bell ice cream wasn't from there--we were so sad!

  2. I want to go on a Blue Bell tour! I freaking love tours. We're such dorks like that.

    You guys are awesome. We would totally take road trips with you if we lived anywhere near one another. Glad you guys got out and explored. Finn is such a cute explorer.

  3. I love that Roscoe gets to go everywhere with you guys! He is hilarious in the bed :) You guys are such great road trippers!

    And Blue Bell Ice Cream???? Clearly AMAZING!!!! I love, love, love it! You know at the March of Dimes walk here in Houston they give out Blue Bell Ice Cream Sandwiches at the end of the walk every year- thank you Blue Bell!!!

  4. That ice cream looks delicious- never heard of Blue Bell- hopefully Chicago will have some for me! :)

    You've been BUSY!

  5. I fall behind on your blog because it doesn't show up on my blogger home page feed. I have no idea why not.

    You know where is the BEST zoo that also happens to be FREE admission?

    St. Louis. That's where.

    I'm just saying.

    You know what's better than ice cream? Ted Drewes frozen custard. You know where that is?

    St. Louis. That's where.

    Also: We have a huppy here who would like to meet Finn.

    I'm just saying.