April 1, 2013

March Pinterest Projects

Pretend like I posted this yesterday when it was still March. Only it was Easter and as much as I love Pinterest, well, Jesus wins.

Anyway, here are the few things I've managed to document this month:

Container Vegetable Garden:
I really had several pins that helps me figure out what I wanted to plant and when. I'm a little worried that the size of the containers, but we'll see how it goes. I'd love a great big garden some day in a raised bed, but being in a rented house (that we might want to move from after our year contract is up),  means it's just easiest to do something that's portable. We have red and yellow bell peppers, squash, zucchini (the one thing planted in the ground), cilantro, rosemary, and two kinds of basil. The herbs are already delicious and the veggies have continued to grow well.

Hem Jeans with Original Edging:
This was one of those things I've been putting off doing and then kicked myself when I finally took the TEN MINUTES to do it.

 Shower Cleaner:
 This was kinda a flop for me. See the difference in the before and after? Yeah, neither do I. Several showers and scrubs later and I still don't really notice a difference.




  1. Jealous that you are planting things! I'm such a lazy lion and haven't considered planting a thing. Of course it was in the 30s yesterday (seriously), so it's not like I could if I wanted to.

    Hemming your jeans? What a concept. My fave pair of Gap jeans is now getting holes and I've worn them rolled up for years. Embarrassing.

    I also have glass shower doors and curse them. I squeegee them daily after every shower, but otherwise just use a thick bristle brush and soft scrub. Though, I'm itching to try WD40. I hear that does something? Okay, maybe just a Pinterest myth?

  2. I was just at Lowe's yesterday looking at possible veggies to plant. I don't know the first thing about doing it and don't exactly have a green thumb, but would love to attempt it. I look forward to seeing the progress with yours!

    Try just vinegar on the shower doors with a scotch brite pad. That's what I've used for years. It works great! (Just be careful about using the pad on fiberglass -- it will scratch, but otherwise, you're good to go!)

  3. Jesus wins, I love it!

    What kind of needle did you use? A jeans one? Because I tried to hem some like two months ago with a regular needle (cause I'm stubborn like that) and about broke my new machine...

    I haven't had much luck with the vinegar/combo cleaners either, but some cleaning ladies around here told me it's because of super hard water and they can't even get some water stains off with professional grade stuff. Maybe TX is the same? My homemade laundry detergent, on the other hand, works like a dream!

  4. Hemming your own jeans - how cool! I have been paying around $20 to have mine hemmed with the original hem. I must learn how to do this! I love it when it is time to plant herbs and veggies. We just planted ours about a week ago and they are already doing really well.