April 8, 2013

Urgent Care - Check.

Remember when I said I was surprised Finn hadn't gone to the ER yet? Well, he's one step closer. Today was our first visit to urgent care. And while I'd like to say Finn was just being a boy, really it was my fault. I turned my curling iron on (which doesn't even happen much to begin with - go figure) and did not push it back on the counter far enough. A curious little hand got a hold of it and now we have some blistered fingers.

It breaks my heart to see Finn in pain, and to know that it could have been prevented makes it even worse. I won't even go into detail about the Mama guilt. That could be saved for a post of its own, but oh is that guilt hard. Losing Cale impacts my Mama guilt - I know that, but regardless, it's still just hard.

Right after he grabbed it, I ran his hand under cool water, but wished I had for a bit longer. I tried putting some aloe on it from an aloe plant we have, but he obviously didn't want me touching it. I put him in the bath and he was content, happy even, to just hold his hand under the water:

 See those white little blisters forming? So sad

Can't hurt that much if you just want to drink the water, right?

But after the bath his blisters got a little worse and unless his hand was in a cool washcloth, I could tell he was in pain. So I brought him to urgent care where they basically told me to keep it in a cool washcloth and try not to let the blisters pop. I'm glad I went just in case, but seriously Google gave me the same advice.

This was my attempt at bandaging it. He looks like a little WWI Vet. And no, that did not stay on long so tomorrow ought to be fun.

Finn will be ok, and in general was in a very pleasant mood tonight. He even brushed his teeth with his hurt hand. But I worry about the blisters popping or him being in more pain. Hopefully it heals fast though. Has anyone else had experience with burns? Any recommendations? Any stories to help me feel like I'm not the worst mother in the universe???


  1. You are not the worse mother in the universe! It was an accident. You would never have intended for him to be hurt. Accidents happen. He is a resilient little boy with a very smart and plugged in Mama. You got him help right away and look how content he is!

    Loss affects our ability to process Mama guilt. We are Mama's, we feel it is our job to protect our babies even against the impossible. You are right, it is a post all to itself.

  2. Oh no! Poor Finn and poor Mama! Thank goodness for resilient little ones...accidents happen and you do the best you can. I think you did a pretty fantastic job if urgent care couldn't do more than you already did. I am told the worry and guilt is something that comes with motherhood but living with loss compounds those feelings for sure.

  3. Oh that picture of him holding his hand under the water is so bittersweet! And I know I don't really need to remind you of all my guilt-inducing stories...a billion busted lips/bit tongues, ER visit x 2, stitch count: 6, and locking myself out of the house while my screaming child was inside it all alone?!? So, start feeling better about yourself RIGHT NOW!

  4. Moms who haven't had a loss always tell me that Mama guilt is universal. While I am sure they are right, the guilt over the little things (yes, accidents happen) is inevitably made worse by the guilt we carry deep in our hearts. You did the right thing. I hope Finn's hand and your confidence heals quickly!

  5. I worked in a restaurant where they had us poor milk of magnesia on after burns. It's amazing. It provide relief and seems to reduce blistering. I've never read about it in literature or heard it from any other source, but I recommend it!


  6. Oh no! Poor mama. Poor Finn. Hang in there! And promise you'll give yourself another chance to curl your hair soon. Maybe because you have a hit date and a baby sitter to keep little hands away ;)

    1. Hot date. stupid autocorrect. not advocating hitting here!

  7. Poor babe! He looks like he's handling it really well, though <3 Don't beat yourself up too much - no lasting harm.

  8. Dang. I have a few of those stories myself. No doctor yet, but I swear we're on the brink. It's the worst when it's preventable. And really...over trying to make ourselves look nice? Geesh. Cut us yoga-wearing mamas some slack.

  9. Yes. I've done stupid things that made me cry and cry even after he was better because I knew his pain was my fault. We are supposed to protect them not put them in harms way. A simple mistake turns into a mental beating because we already have a threshold of pain and guilt. I'm so glad he is okay and he is so small and precious and beautiful. Sending love.

  10. We've been to the ER twice in a 4 month span with Zach (the latest was because he ran HEAD FIRST into a bar at the playground and had a quarter size hole in his head)- you are an awesome momma caroline. boys will be boys. Finn & Cale are so lucky to have you :)
    -Jessica winograd

  11. I know where you are coming from, I have the exact same situation here. I can not stand to see my little in pain, and especially when we have to spend any time in the hospital. I would easily spend a year in the hospital so he doesn't have to deal with it for just one day. That look in his eye is heartbreaking.

    Alejandra Goll @ US Health Works - Tacoma