January 17, 2013

Don't call CPS, I'm just raising a boy!

I think I'd like to have a daughter one day purely to see just how drastically different they are from boys. Everyone always talks about how crazy boys can be and I must agree. Well done everyone, you are correct. Dem boys be ca-razy.

I say all this because within a 48 hour period Mr. Finn managed to fall on objects bruising his FACE on BOTH sides. It was really sad. The first one happened on Saturday morning. He started spinning in a circle and I'm sitting right in front of him while he's just smiling and spinning and has this look that says "look what I can do Mom, this is so fun!" It was so sweet and I was thinking "I should record this because he's so happy," but then he spun so much he got dizzy and fell. On the corner of a wooden toy box. Bruise #1:

I took him to Target to make him feel better. Figured it works for me.

Then two days later we were hanging out inside, and Finn went to close the door to the office (he sometimes is OCD about open drawers and doors) but somehow fell while closing it and fell right on the edge of the door. On the other side of his face. The one that wasn't bruised. Bruise #2:

I felt so bad for my bruised up kid, but I needed to go grocery shopping and was kind of embarassed and wanted to avoid being judged, so I did what any parent would to blend in and avoid questions. I went to Wal-mart.

But seriously, every day this kid keeps me on my toes. I read a saying once that "Mothers of little boys work from son up until son down" and my oh my is it ever true.

Every day I have to make sure the chairs at the kitchen table are pushed in. Otherwise Finn will climb on the chair and on the table. Because the table clearly needs conquering:

Don't worry mom, if I fall I'll aim for Roscoe.

Every day I remind myself how thankful I am for all the child locks on the cabinets and curse myself for the one drawer in the bathroom we didn't think we'd need to secure:

Jackpot. Toothpaste.

Every day I stop and wonder how things like this are fun, or comfortable:

And every day I find myself saying things like, "be gentle Finn," or "No, no, no - put that down/away/back." He is crazy hyper before bed, cannot be pushed high enough in a swing and is really starting to hold his own when wrestling Roscoe for toys (dog toys mind you). There is nothing he won't climb up/in/through and it's amazing that we have avoided the ER thus far. He sure is a crazy boy, but we love him to pieces.

This prompted us to put a child lock on the oven. 


  1. Okay this post made me laugh and laugh.

    "I went to Walmart"

    Soooo funny and SOOOOO true.

    My mom always says, boys are work when they are little and girls are work when they are teens. Either way, the work gets done it is just whether you are battling sooner or later.

    It looks like Finn is a precocious, adorable and fun little boy. Don't worry, no one will call CPS if they too have had a son!

  2. Bahahahaaaaaa!

    The Walmart comment made my day.

    B is just crawling but is giving me a run for my money. The through and over (and under!) chairs thing is totally familiar. A lock on the oven? Oh crap, man! ?Is that what we're in for? B has a mild obsession with the oven and microwave but hasn't learned to open the oven just yet.

    Exhausting but such a blast!

  3. Ahhh little boys. At least he isn't pulling the warming drawer out to use as a step stool/seat/trampoline -- I mean why would anyone want to do that anyway, right? ;-) We have a lock on the oven, also...

    They are so delightfully destructive, aren't they?

  4. :) Finn is awesome.

    If it makes you feel better, Grace threw herself backwards out of Scott's arms and hit her face off my laptop... She now has a pink mark in her eyebrow.. I figure if it forms a scar, at least she'll look gangsta ;)

  5. Ugh! I feel you on this topic x2....
    Those are some nice bruises Finley!

  6. "I went to Walmart" Exactly. What better lace to feel like you're completely NORMAL, no matter what craziness is going on with your situation?! Although, while Christmas shopping, Addalee and I stopped in there , purely out of convenience, and people stared at us as she threw this ugly screaming fit. The worse one she's ever thrown. I had the Walmart acres,king kid...ugh...I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

    1. That should have read, "I had the Walmart screaming kid." No idea how autocorrect made that "acres,king"! Ha!!

  7. I love it! Owen is in love with all things in the bathroom...including lotion pumps, toothpaste, and now he has discovered there is water in the toilet! Eek. Seriously though, you need to write a book!!

  8. Oh Caroline! I laughed so hard reading this!!!!! "I went to Walmart!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Oh still laughing! Just yesterday Erik got some nice road rash on one side and half a shiner on the other (because he fell out of the car onto his face in the parking lot and later off of his chair at dinner like an idiot). And in our experience girls aren't much better...I was terrified to take Marie to school the week she got a cut under one eye from a child gate (that's supposed to keep them safe?) and a black eye on the other from her brother's head. I swore her teachers were going to make that call! And then there's Scarhead Ethan...

    Finley looks like he's right up there with the best of them, though. And still too darn cute even when he's looking like a little street fighter.

  10. Ok I don't know what to do other than laugh...and be very afraid.

  11. Boys...They are just different creatures! Kai is constantly covered in bruises. Poor Finn! Have you seen that saying:

    Boys. noun;noise with dirt on it.

    ha! isnt that the truth.

    Active children come from active arents and than the active parents become exhausted by their own creation :)

  12. Get that kid signed up for a rock climbing gym!

  13. They are wild! Mine has already broken a leg and needed five stitches above the eyebrow. He'll be three on Saturday. Sigh.