June 2, 2013

Six Years

Six years of marriage looks like this:

This picture doesn't just entail two people eating ice cream on their anniversary though. 

It's the husband who doesn't really want ice cream (because heaven forbid he eat junk food), but obliges anyway because the wife does want ice cream (because she's normal). It's the wife who knows that even though the husband doesn't really want ice cream, as soon as he sees cookie dough on the menu, he will want some. It's the husband who knows the wife is going to ask someone to take their picture and the wife who knows the husband will be annoyed by it (to be fair it was 7pm at night and still a million point two degrees out). It's the husband who smiles even though he's got back sweat and is holding the wife's leftovers in one hand, thus preventing him from eating his melting cookie dough ice cream. It's the wife who hits the remote engine start twenty times on the way to the car to ensure it's started and cooling down so that progressively sweaty husband doesn't get progressively cranky(er). It's the husband who despite having his hands full still manages to open the door for his wife.

It's also delicious, delicious Amy's Ice Cream that makes both the husband and wife happy. God Bless it. And air conditioning.



  1. Love this post and this couple :-) Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids.

  2. And that is what it's all about...Happy anniversary!

  3. "It's the husband who knows the wife is going to ask someone to take the picture and the wife who knows the husband will be annoyed by it" - this could definitely be me and my husband haha.

    Love this post. And I've got to say you are one attractive couple :)

    Happy six years xx

  4. This is so clever. And insanely cute.

    Glad you're normal... because ice cream is basically a food group.

    For it being a million point two degrees out, you both sure look gorgeous with your back sweat! Happy Anniversary!

    Now get in the car and come see me!!

  5. Love this post! Happy Anniversary!

    Can't wait to see you in a few days!!!

  6. Best. Post. Ever!! Congrats on your six year anniversary! We will have ours on Sunday in Chi!

  7. Happy Anniversary! This made me smile.

  8. Happy Anniversary to the cutest couple ever.

  9. You two are the best. And you have no idea how happy you make the Divine Matchmaker (and the rest of us) with your adorableness.
    P.S. Back Sweat and pictures--can definitely relate!

    1. P.P.S I want your dress and your ice cream.

  10. So Sweet!! (Glad you're normal...ice cream is the best! )

    Happy anniversary, y'all!

  11. Um, I'm late. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

    I can't believe your husband doesn't want ice cream. ha.

  12. Happy late anniversary! This post is the funniest! So true :)

  13. Happy Anniversary! Had a great time hosting my 'Favorite Things' Party and your idea to do themed ones next is awesome! Can't wait to read about your next one. Love reading your blog :)

  14. Don't know how I missed this!!
    Happy anniversary! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you two are a gorgeous couple.

  15. such a cute husband and wife. congrats.