February 10, 2015

DIY Woodworking Projects

Last year I casually mentioned to Miles that I wanted a sewing desk. I really liked this plan by Ana White and after the great job he did on little projects like Mary's shelves and big projects like Finn's bed, I knew he would be capable of building a desk. So he set out to do this as my anniversary gift last June and had it done within a week, if that. I stained the top, painted the bottom, and could not be happier with the result:

Only thing that would make the desk better is if it sewed for me

Then around the the time he built a ledge for our gallery wall, he decided he wanted to start a new project of his own design. So he built a cabinet from scratch and left the staining and/or painting up to me. I found this pin and really liked the look, so decided since I was happy with the TV stand I redid, I would attempt the same only with the more bold green color as shown in the pin. While painting the green was kinda scary with how intense it was and after I applied the stain, I wasn't super happy with the end result. I wanted it to look antiqued, but feel it's a little blotchier than I had hoped for. But it's growing on me and I added a cute little fabric liner for the drawer (which is mostly hidden under lots of clutter). Six months later, while I'm still not crazy about the color, I'm even less crazy about the idea of redoing it.
Cabinet looks better with pretty birthday flowers from my friends Julia and Jen

After we moved, I put the gallery ledge in the playroom and decided that I wanted three ledges in our family room. Only problem was my handyman had since deployed! So I gave myself a pep talk and decided to make them myself. I painted them white and had help hanging them on the studs in the wall. They are noticeably (in person at least) less impressive than the ones Miles made, but they do the job and I'm really happy with the display of pictures:

On display: Gallery ledges and cute fireman
And now the handyman is home and we have lots on the agenda past woodworking, although I do want a farmhouse style table and Miles wants to build a pergola out back. But we also are going to be putting a backsplash in the kitchen, ripping up some carpet in the family room and extending the wood floors. Welcome home, Miles - time to get to work!



  1. Doing your own wood floors! I'm already impressed. We start backsplash work this weekend! You may need to fly me out to Savannah to offer my expertise and supervise your work. :)

  2. I am SO excited to see this stuff unfold! :)

  3. DANG! You care are handy, handy! We're not bad ourselves, but we haven't taken to making much since we were busy dealing with the deck, wallpapered rooms, sanding and staining of already built things, finishing our basement...

    You guys are super impressive!

  4. I've said it before, but I continue to bow down to your flawless DIY'ness! How do you not have a show or something?? You're so cute and funny and your projects come out so good looking... I'd watch!

    In the mean time (while you look for an agent), I'm watching your blog!

  5. So impressive! Can I hire you?

  6. I LOVE your sewing table! Look at you. Seriously, you are so handy and I am so impressed. And that fireman is super cute :)

  7. Isn't it great being a homeowner?! So many projects to do! I will tell you that kitchen backsplashes are hard... and I like to call the experience "marriage strengthening" because I wanted to kill my husband during the process... but we survived and love our kitchen! Good luck! Can't wait for you to share more projects!

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