February 17, 2015

"I aimed my penis down so pee wouldn't go EVERYWHERE" and other Finley quotes

The title of this post came after Finn went poop this morning and wanted to let me know that while doing so, pee did not go everywhere as it unfortunately did the other day! In the interest of TMI, he normally stands when he pees, but when he sits to take care of other business sometimes he forgets to aim down and then, well, we have a mess on our hands.

I've shared some of Finn's cute quotes in the past and try to write down when he says something funny/cute/insane as it's nearly impossible to remember if it isn't written down. Which is why I'm glad my friend Brandy told me about this Question and Answer book when it went on sale.

So almost every day (though I forget fairly often), I will ask Finn the questions in the book and record his answer. Some questions are a little hard for a three year old to understand so I'll skip them or try to reword it so he understands. Here are a few of my favorite so far:

Q: What are you excited about? (what makes you happy?)
A: Being a good listener makes me happy

Debatable, but he knows that when he's a good listener Mommy is happy!

Q: Which animal do you feel like today?
A: Giraffe because he's my favorite guy!

Q: Who helps you when you're sad
A: You do!

Q: Do you believe in aliens?
A: No. Spaceships. Just spaceships.

Q: I make a good friend because ____
A: I make a good friend because I don't hit people

Q: What have you done lately that you're proud of?
A: I'm proud of giving hugs to you

Q: What jobs look interesting to you?
A: I want to ride a digger

Q: What are you thankful for today?
A: I'm thankful for God

This one shocked me as most of the time when we pray at dinner he says he thanks God for diggers!

Q: Who is your hero?
A: My daddy

Some other  noteworthy quotes:

Sometimes I will tell Finn he can have/do something (when he's being good) and I'll say, "yes and you know why? Because I love you!" He's turned this to work in his favor. "Mommy I want lemonade because I love you!"

He had a gross poop the other day and proceeded to tell us his "butt is sick"

Upon finding a binkie after I put Mary to bed, "mom! I forgot to give this to Mary so she won't be sad!"


At three and a half this shark boot wearing, digger loving boy always has something entertaining to say and I just love getting to hear what it is.



  1. I love his little finn-isms. adorable.

    And I love that daddy is his hero, because of course he is. <3

  2. So precious. The stuff they say is the best. I need to do another Zuzu post.

  3. Based on the title, I just have to share that Benjamin's boy parts were, um, standing at attention this morning while I was helping change him (just woke). He told me, "My penis is stuck, Mommy." And of course I thought that was hilarious and laughed, so he continued to say it.

    I was writing some of these down and then you and Brooke posted two of these today. I love great minds! I'm not nearly ready for a post yet. Need to write them down immediately. Okay, now I'll read your post. ;)

  4. Butt is sick. Hahaha. In that case, Benjamin's butt has been very sick lately. Thank goodness he handles things on his own now!

    Oh, that digger-loving boy. I agree, it's a bit advanced, but I'd say we get an answer for 60% here that are worthy of writing. Next year, I'm expecting 100%. Shows growth, either way. And for $8, I'm hoping we get a few gems over 365 days x3!