September 21, 2015

Microblog Monday: Get Off Me, Mary!

There have been WAY too many incidents involving bodily fluid from members of the family over the last couple weeks to include Roscoe. Damn, lovable, disgusting Roscoe. Last weekend I was hit with a very sudden and very vicious stomach bug that caused me to vomit every possible thing that was in my body for a period of five hours. Then I proceeded to lay in the fetal position for the next 24 hours leaving the TV and Roscoe responsible for babysitting. I was so grateful that the kids were spared, though Mary's diapers were not, until this weekend when Finn got sick. This morning by 7:30 I had already done two loads of laundry, changed one set of pajamas and sheets, and cleaned up far too much vomit. I won't even get in to Roscoe's latest antics because gross. Just so, so gross.

Anyway, what I am grateful for (and totally jealous of) is how quickly kids recover. There was no lying in the fetal position for Finn. By breakfast he wanted waffles and he was acting just fine throughout the day, though he would tell me that his tummy would like some Gatorade (sure it would you little liar). He was tired (understandably so) and at one point late in the morning I hear him saying, "Mary, get off of me." "Mary, I'm trying to sleep. Get off of me, Mary!" 

This girl. She's a sassy little one. But we sure do love her. Even when she squishes us.



  1. Her look is going to be the exact same at age 15. YIKES!

  2. Ha! That is a sassy face. I love it.

  3. You amaze me x100000 with your sick self and still remaining to be the only responsible caregiver in the house (sorry Roscoe). I could never. I would go as far as to ask dan to not only stay home...but to take Theo OUT so I could recover in silence. You are a force, woman.

    I love that Mary face. And PS, I got those pjs for another blms daughter 3rd birthday. And I wanted to somehow get them for all the rainbow girls I know. I'm glad you hit up Old Navy and somewhat brought my vision to life!!

  4. Love that sassy face. Ugh, the bodily fluids. Eek.