September 28, 2015

Our Little Runner

After Finn had such a good time running part of a 5k with me the other week, I knew he would be excited to run in his very own race so I signed him up for a kids' race that took place yesterday. It was part of the "Warriors for William" event which is a very sweet Superhero themed race against childhood cancer. All proceeds go to childhood cancer research and the race is held in honor of a local boy who passed away recently from a rare form of leukemia. 

I have a very wonderful friend, my oldest childhood friend, who had leukemia when we were young. She is a fit and amazing new mama now, but these causes always tug at my heart a little extra because of what Bridget went through when we were growing up. I was excited to get to support this cause and to put the kids in matching Captain America shirts for the event. And Finn was thrilled to see so many other Superheroes in attendance.

I told Finn to stand by Mary for a picture. 
He said, "but she's sleeping" to which I replied, 
"I know, this way she will cooperate."

Speaking of cooperating. . . 

Picture taking aside, Finn was really cooperative when it came time to his race. There were at least thirty kids, Finn and a few others being the youngest in the bunch. I was kind of worried about him getting trampled at the start, but fortunately the big kids made their way around the littles with no incident.
Thor was stretching next to him and Batman was in the zone, 
but he didn't let that get in his head.

There was a 5k for all ages as well as a half mile kids' race, though I think it was closer to a quarter mile as it felt pretty short and Finn had no problem running the whole thing all on his own. Because it was advertised as a half mile I assumed I may have to jump in and run along side him or see if he needed to walk for a bit or hop in the stroller, but instead I would run up ahead and watch him just keep on running, not stopping until he went through the finish line and got his very first finisher's medal to which he said, "I won the race, mom!"

The picture doesn't show how sweaty he was. 

I'm so proud of the little guy. He is still so young that racing with bigger kids could have gone either way - he could have seen people running faster than him and had a meltdown (as seen when I wanted a pre race picture), or he could have just refused to participate. But instead he just ran and kept going and it really will be something I'll carry with me when I do my next long race.

This is why I wanted a picture while she was sleeping. 
Because Lord help me if I want a cute picture of them both looking at the camera!



  1. This is so great. I love that he ran and finished Allen his own--he is ready to follow in your racin' footsteps! And the pics with Mary made me laugh. We are getting family photos taken in a couple of weeks, and I'm already wondering if it will be possible to capture a good one of all four of us.

  2. Awe, of course he won the race ;)
    What fun!
    In Eugene they have kids all comers meets every week during the summer at Hayward Field (amazing track events held there). I really want to go but so far timing hasn't worked out.

  3. You're awesome. I love that the race was a memorial race and that you signed Finn up. And of course that he cooperated and ran the whole thing! Way to go, Finn! B is running a race this Sunday (if he cooperates... which he will because... bribery). You are giving your kids such a healthy outlook on what life looks like with all your races and activity. That photo with Mary hanging onto the car. Hahah. I have one of those!

  4. This is adorable.

    The other day driving to school I saw two different families running together and thought "we should try a a family 5k." And then laughed because logistics + non-runners...but this motivates me!