September 8, 2015

Playing Hooky on The First Day (Not Really. Sort Of)

So technically Finn was supposed to start school today. But at the last minute I've decided (I think!) that I'm going to send him three days a week instead of five and I think that means he will be on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, but I could be wrong and he could be on a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday schedule in which case he missed his first day today. Oops! But if he did, we had a great reason (not really) to play hooky; the beach!

After we ate breakfast I just thought, "we should go to the beach" and asked Finn if he wanted to go, to which he replied, "yes, I'm gonna go get my suit on" and sprinted out of the room to get ready. So that was that. We packed a lunch and headed to the beach. And we had SUCH a good day out there. The weather was perfect - warm but not too hot, cloudy at times, with a tiny sprinkle at one point that left as quickly as it came in (we just sat under the umbrella but it was pleasant to be in regardless), cool, but not too cold water. . . really, I couldn't have asked for better weather conditions. And there weren't many other people there and no other kids (most of them are probably going to school on time). 

Sometimes the beach can be overwhelming and exhausting, but today it was just lovely and the perfect way to end our summer.



  1. UM, if B enthusiastically gets his clothes of any kind on to go to any particular place, I don't care if I'm wearing my pajamas! We're going! I'm so glad you had such a great day with the nuggets. :)

  2. What a fun day. I love it. I'm quite jealous that you can just go to the beach on a given day... I love Colorado, but we are seriously lacking in water.