September 2, 2015

Almost the End of Summer; Or, When Does Finn go Back to School Already!?

Yesterday the kids were driving me NUTS. Finn wasn't too bad though he struggled with listening on and off most of the day, but Mary was just difficult! She's rounding the corner to two and becoming quite the sassy little lady. Everything was an ordeal - putting her in the carseat (seriously I feel like I'm hurting her forcing her in the darn thing!), changing her diaper, putting her in the high chair, not letting her give Roscoe a bone for the third time, etc, etc. She was such a pill so combined with Finn's poor listening and inability to follow directions and combined with the fact that we had just gotten home from a trip to Florida and the house was (still is) a mess, laundry needs to be done, baths need to be taken . . . I just was crabby and short on patience.

But, we've got less than a week until Finn starts school and while that will mean packing lunches and hustling out the door in the morning, I'm looking forward to getting back in a routine (and pawning my kid off so I can have some Mommy and Mary time at Target).

This really was a quick summer, even though some days (like yesterday) were longer than others. We finished our summer with a trip to Destin, Florida to visit my Aunt and Uncle. I wish I had more pictures to share from out time there, but seriously most of the pictures I took were of my poor swollen ankle that was stung by a wasp just before getting in the car. The bugger wrecked havoc on my foot - not only did I have an allergic reaction (fortunately not affecting my airway) and my foot and leg swelled up all the way up my shin, but I also got cellulitis from the wasp infecting me! I ended up going to Urgent Care to get a steroid shot in my hip and a round of antibiotics. Here's the lovely picture I posted on Instagram of my ogre looking foot:

With summer coming to a close it means Finn won't be at my stroller class in the mornings. I'm a little worried Mary won't be as entertained with brother gone and therefore try to escape (this child seriously does not like being restrained):

I also am a little worried that Mary will miss Finn during the day. I feel like they've really started to play together and they are so used to spending all day with one another, I'm curious what it will be like when Finn isn't around as much. Her adoration of him is pretty cute and I've enjoyed seeing them interact.

"Helping" me unpack some throws for a fundraiser
They may drive me up the wall some days, but I I just need to remember that it's not me, it's THEM! And then look at cute pictures like this before I go to bed each night so I can reset and get ready for another day:
Though I shouldn't look too closely or I'll worry Finn was actually choking her


  1. I hope your foot's doing better and that wasp is burning in the firey pits of hell...
    I bet Mary will eat up the time with you and they will more than make up for the time apart in the afternoons. (Does he just go mornings?)
    Also, you totally need to treat yourself to a massage and professional house cleaning, you deserve it!

  2. Your poor foot. Oh, my goodness. I love these snapshots of your life. The one of Mary in the stroller cracks me up. Blythe lately will not sit still ever. Diaper changes and getting her dressed have become impossible. It just makes me laugh. Since it is still summer, I usually just give up and let her stay in the diaper only when we are at home.