August 23, 2012

Dog Shaming

Today Finn and I went to story time at the library. I always tell Roscoe to be a good dog when I leave and the first thing I say whenever I come back is "were you a good dog?". Well today, he was NOT a good dog. Not at all. As I walked in I first noticed Finn's sippy cup on the ground. I was a little annoyed because he's never taken any interest in Finn's bottles or cups before yet I knew he had to have knocked it over and the only way to do that would have been to jump on the counter.

Once I got closer I saw that the lid was nicely chewed up and also discolored. About two seconds later I look further into the family room and find a mess all over the carpet. A few weeks ago I ordered Finn some Wee Can Too art supplies. I ordered a kit that came with three different powders you mix with water so kids can finger paint, as well as a chalk stick and a crayon. All the products are made with all organic edible ingredients so when your kid sticks his hands in his mouth while making his masterpiece, you don't have to freak out.

But you are entitled to freak out when your dog decides to make artwork on your family room carpet. But I was calm and collected and cleaned up the mess. And by "calm and collected" I mean I took a deep breath before yelling at Roscoe and calling him mean names I probably shouldn't have said in front of Finn. I also may or may not have thrown a sippy cup at him. Not one of my better moments I'll admit, but it was a weak throw at least. Anyway, I was too angry to take a picture of his mess, but here is what's left of Finn's art pack:
 The third powder was coloring my carpet a nice shade of hunter green.

After cleaning up the mess and shampooing the carpet, I calmed down and let Roscoe in from the backyard. I told him I wasn't in any mood to talk to him yet, but he could at least come inside.

I was putzing around on the computer while Finn was napping and found this hilarious site called Dog shaming. I thought it was so fitting for the days' events and emailed the link to a few of my dog-lover friends. Plus it was nice to get a good laugh and remind myself that other people have love-hate relationships with their dogs too.

So mess cleaned up, you can't even see where it was on the carpet, silly website put me in a better mood . . . problem solved right?


After nap time and lunch I needed to go out and run a few errands. I had barricaded the area of the carpet that had just been shampooed and left the house for a bit, but not before pointing my finger sternly at Roscoe and saying "Be a good dog!" in a very serious and threatening tone.

Yet when I came home I find an empty and chewed up jar of puffs on the ground! Seriously Roscoe!? Did you NOT just remember me screaming at you a few hours ago?!

I had just gotten an email from my friend Brooke, who has had her fair share of dog stories, and she said it's not too late to submit Roscoe's picture to the Dog shaming site. And, thanks to his latest shenanigans, I now could capture an in-the-moment picture. I can't decide which one to submit though - thoughts?

"Hey, where did all my puffs go?" 
(you'll also notice the guilty party couldn't even look me in the eye)

or B:

Ugh. At least this wasn't messy to clean up. I really do love my dog and we will always be a dog owning family, but sometimes I just want to kill him.



  1. Love the pics, but sorry about the mess! I am going to have to remember that site next time Lily decides to completely shred a bathroom mat!

  2. Oh, Roscoe! At least he didn't get your kitchen carpet again, right? Definitely the first picture, it reinforces the pitiful state of your hungry toddler searching for his stolen food ;)

    I wonder what incriminating stuff I can post about Samson on that site...

  3. Oh no! Dogs are definitely easy to have a love-hate relationship with. I know we do with Wally!

    I like the first picture too...stealing food from a poor little toddler. Shame on you, Roscoe!


  4. The dog shaming website made my day! Hilarious! Thank you!

    Seriously Roscoe, may want to lay low for a while. I think I would have done worse than throw a cup at Charlie if he had made a mess like that!

  5. I seem to be having more of a hate/hate relationship with my dogs...we just have way to many (3)it's overwhelming. I think R is lucky he only got a sippy cup in his direction and the choice words haha. I feel your pain! Love both pictures, but I think I like the first one the best :)

  6. I love Finn in the pic, but my favorite is Roscoe's adorable guilty face in the second picture.

  7. Oh no Ginny is sleeping on my chest but I followed your link to the dog shaming site and couldn't stop laughing... Now she's awake. Seriously had no idea dogs did such crazy crazy bad dog things! Sorry you've had to deal with this... I vote for the second pic. He just looks so ashamed.

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  9. This is hilarious! I love the last picture of Roscoe by himself! He looks so sad like, "Yeah I did it" Haha! So cute! Cami does a lot of craziness too but she hasn't gone after any of Mason's stuff yet. I'll probably be just like you when she finally does! Crazy dogs!!!

    And yes that was me posting as Nygel- lol!

  10. Obviously Roscoe likes color because it was red wine before and now its Finns colors! This is the exact reason Diesel was always crated while we were gone (short times of course) and at night...didn't trust the darn thing. It was more for the bodily functions then other messes!
    What a stinker Roscoe is!

  11. This is hilarious and this website has me laughing so hard I almost peed :) I love both pics but Roscoe looks so guilty in the second's priceless! I wish I had known about this site when Zeus clawed through the wall. These silly pups, gotta love them or else we would kill them :)