August 27, 2012

Finn Man

Our sweet little Finn is just that . . . little. I mean it really shouldn't come as a surprise considering that Miles and I aren't exactly giants. But poor ole Finn has always been at the bottom of the growth chart. And really I shouldn't even say "poor ole Finn" because the kid is growing on a nice healthy curve for HIM - just maybe not for your average baby. He has always been teetering around the 5th percentile. I think around two months he was maybe in the 25th percentile, but that was the "biggest" he ever was in comparison.

And honestly, for a long time I loved the fact that he was little because he still felt like a baby and I felt like I could pretend he still was. But now . . . now I'm seeing more and more that my baby is gone and has been replaced with a high energy toddler.

Have you ever seen this? Umm, it's totally true.

Really it should just say "mother" because I am convinced that Finn gets all his energy from Miles. The little monster is all over the place. He loves climbing all over the couch (mostly to get the remote) and if there is something in his way he will figure a way around (or through) it. Here's a couple videos of him getting on and off the couch.

He seems to have the most energy before bed. I don't know if it's just a boy thing or what, but really he is on the go every waking moment. Take tonight for example - grandpa Hidalgo is in town visiting and Mr. Finn just hand walked DVDs over to him one at a time off the shelf. He brought him 32 DVDs! Fortunately he still naps and sleeps like a champ and I usually try desperately to sneak in a few snuggles post nap when he's still mellow, but it only takes maybe two minutes before he wants to just start running around again. Also, the kid really is smart. Granted, I'm biased, but really - I think my boy is brilliant. Just the other day I opened the washer and dryer and he walked right up to the washer, grabbed some clothes and put them in the dryer. Swoon - a man after my own heart right? When I say "Where is Mama's nose?" he will point to my nose. And if I say "tongue" he immediately sticks his out (which may not be as cute in a couple years with some attitude behind it).

14 months if a fun, but challenging age. He doesn't like being told no and not getting his way and there are lots of pitiful, fake cries in the house of late. But he is also becoming this adorable and independent little man and it's so fun to see him learn and figure things out.

You may be little kiddo, but you is smart. And Mama sure loves you.



  1. What a cutie! Such a busy age, I couldn't agree more with the e card!

  2. Finn is SO adorable. Great videos. I keep looking forward to Emma being older and more mobile. But, I'm so exhausted now... I can't even imagine.

  3. He is totally smart! And cute. And walking. omg. He is walking. Like, I knew that... but seeing it is a whole other story!

  4. Finn man is gettin around so much!
    What happened to the lil man that I held at Cracker Barrel?
    He is to cutest! His lil boy haircut surely makes him look like a toddler!

  5. What an adorable little man! I love the videos :)

  6. Love this. What a sweet little (big) guy.

  7. Adorable. All of him! I sent that pin to my family awhile back as a tagline for my life :)And I had to wrestle the remote away from E-man this's funny to see him doing all those same things as Finn (just with a lot less finesse!)

  8. Oh Finn, slow down! He is such a cutie and getting SO big - I might need valium when Norah starts climbing like that! Love me some Finn!!

  9. Love the cartoon and LOVE that Finn does laundry! Only two minutes of post nap snuggles...better than none, but hopefully you will get more than 2 minutes in the future!