August 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

(changed the blog layout a bit - just wanted to simplify things) 

 Anywhoo . . .earlier in the week (before my parents left) we worked out in the yard. We worked on the area that is slowly but surely becoming Cale's Garden. I will share pictures later once it's closer to completion, but we got a lot of work down last week and I'm looking forward to enjoying the yard a little more once it's not so dang hot (so maybe four months from now!)

This weekend we went back down to Austin to do some more exploring. That city has a lot to offer and I'm glad we live so close. We took Roscoe with us - first to a dog friendly restaurant and then to the Austin Ice Cream Festival where Roscoe got his very own doggie-ice cream.

 Soy based peanut butter ice cream?!? My favorite!

 We also went to the Whole Foods flagship store. It is massive. You can eat in many different parts of the store, partake in beer tasting, wine tasting, buy pretty much any type of nut you can think of, they have their own parking garage . . .it was like the IKEA of Whole Foods.

In other, equally boring news, I hung some pictures on the wall last night. I want a "gallery wall" - you know the adorable ones you see on Pinterest with lots of cute mismatching frames and wall "things". But I think my idea of what I want will have to wait. . .  mostly because I can't bring myself to buy another  picture frame just yet. And also, I don't think I want it to be just pictures. I want to make one of those heart maps and a few other non-picture type things, but am not sure what. Any ideas? My friend Rhiannon has 'J' on her wall for her last name, and I like the look, but I already have an 'H' on our mantel and I love the look of our mantel. And then I don't know how, but I'd want to include Cale in the gallery wall (his sketch is already on the mantel). I put his name on the wait list for a Carly Marie sunset picture, although I do have this beautiful one that she recently did:

I could always frame this one, but think I'd rather frame the sunset one. And while it will be hard choosing a few pictures of Finn - I can't help but think "at least I have so many to pick from." When I hung the pictures last night I got sad thinking that Cale wasn't in any of them. And while I know it's ok - it doesn't mean anything about his importance in our lives, I can't help but think that if you just looked at these particular clump of pictures, you wouldn't know there is a brother in the mix which just makes it that much more important to me that he's included in my gallery wall. But, until I really know what I want to put on the wall, I suppose it will just have to wait

Ok, well this is yet another all over the place blog, but it's time for bed. We have a date at the library in the morning!



  1. I have a subset picture carley did and I want to hang it with our family photos as well. I like your heart maps but how often would you have to change the last heart ? :)

  2. I love gallery walls and love when other pieces are involved besides frames. You can go to a craft store and get a paper H (they have all diff styles and sizes) there and then get some scrapbooking paper and cover it with the colors/design you want. Also can do with fabric. If you want to skip the crafting thing World Market has some cute fav ones. You could do some sweet antlers now that you're in tx!? Also have seen some things on pinterest where they use baby feet and hands for butterflys, hearts and so on. You could make a lil black and white copy of cales original ones, make a sweet lil design and frame it!
    I bet you will come up with something amazing...oh maybe a roscoe head! :)

  3. Gallery walls (and family pictures, etc) are pretty complicated when you have someone missing. I think any kind of way you include Cale will be perfect because it will come from your strong love for him.

    Love the heart maps!

  4. Those sunset pictures are absolutely incredible! What a beautiful idea.

  5. Love the idea of doing a gallery wall. Can't wait to see how it turns out -- especially with incorporating Cale into it. So sweet!