January 4, 2013

EuroTrip: Austria

I'm going to break up our European Vacation in three segments because we spent time in three different countries while we were there.

Our trip started off with a road trip (of course) as we drove from Texas to Arizona to leave Finn and Roscoe with my sister and parents. Leaving Finn was hard. This was the first time I was away from him for a chunk of time so even though he couldn't have been in better hands, it was still tough to leave him. Miles told me he was proud of me for not crying, but then pointed out that I cried the first time I left Roscoe (true story), so that made me feel like a horrible mother! But in my defense, the first time we left Roscoe, we took him to a vet back in Georgia and it seriously looked like the pound - just hard concrete floors and chain link fences and the poor pup probably thought we were putting him back up for adoption. Finn, on the other hand was getting spoiled and loved on 24/7. But yes - I cried over leaving my dog and not my child. Mother of the year.

Anyway, we flew out of Arizona and arrived in Munich, Germany where our good friends Craig and Michelle, and their dog Molly, picked us up. Craig is stationed in Germany right now and they were such wonderful hosts for our trip. We went to breakfast in Munich and walked through the Christmas Markets, but I'll save that for my Germany recap. After breakfast, we drove to Innsbruck, Austria where we spent the next two days.

Innsbruck was gorgeous. No snow on the ground, but the mountains were covered. The hotel we stayed at was this cozy place that was more like a bed and breakfast. Everyone we met was incredibly kind and welcoming. All of Europe seems to be way more dog-friendly than in the states. Molly was able to come everywhere with us, including all the restaurants and it wasn't weird or out of the ordinary - dogs are just welcome members of the family (as they should be!) so it was really nice to spend our trip with Molly (as well as her parents).

Most places were closed on Christmas Eve and we ended up doing dinner at an Italian pizza place, but it was really nice to walk around and see how decorated the town was.

On Christmas day we rode the gondola up the mountain as high as it would take us, and then hiked up to the top. The view was amazing. When the windy blew it was insanely cold, but otherwise it was gorgeous out and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend Christmas.

Our Christmas evening was equally lovely. The center of town (where the big tree was in the picture above) had vendors out and Christmas music playing from three different balconies by three small groups of musicians (mostly brass instruments). After enjoying the impromptu concert we went out for Christmas dinner which probably was the best meal of our whole trip (I had tomato soup, venison, and potato dumplings).

Austria set the bar high for our trip and is definitely on the lists of places we hope to visit again. Next up - Prague!


  1. Oh my gosh, it's beautiful there! Looking forward to the next installments of the trip :-) And love "Cale" in the snow!

  2. your trip looks amazing so far...and super beautiful! cannot wait to read the rest!
    cales name in the snow...perfect!

  3. Ash and I are talking about a trip to Europe - these blog installments could well be the inspiration we need to finally go!

  4. Really gorgeous, Caroline! I love the dog picture. So funny.

    Elliot was oohing and ahhing with me at those pictures.

  5. I love the chandeliers I the street-it looks beautiful there. And Cale's name in the snow!

  6. You're giving me mad Europe cravings...never a good, always expensive...

    Love you graced Austria with a little bit of Cale :)And Innsbruck looks absolutely positively lovely! Those mountains are where I learned to ski when my dad was stationed in Vicenza, wish I remembered more.

  7. I know I should comment on more that just this. But... I love you boots. What brand are they, and where can I get me some? (Maybe I'm refusing to comment otherwise due to Euro-jealousy...?)

  8. These are beautiful! :) I love that chandelier in the street- stunning!

  9. (1) That chandelier is amazing.

    (2) I love dog-friendliness. I remember being so surprised when we were in Italy that people would walk their dogs into the really swanky upscale stores.

    (3) I love your boots. Super cute. Did you wear them on the plane or pack them? I ask because I don't think boots are super comfortable to wear when sitting down for a long time (I like to curl my legs under me sometimes) but I hate how much room they take up in a suitcase. So what's a girl to do?