January 31, 2013

January Pinterest Projects

Alrighty, here's the round of up Pinterest inspired creations for the month of January. I've got some good ones brewing for February. Some are even drying in my garage right now awaiting final touches.

No Bake Energy Bites
I made these for Miles to take with him when he left for his most recent training out in California. He forgot them. I was kinda glad. My recommendation is to make a double batch. No joke.

Envelope Pillow
I re-covered our four couch pillows somewhat recently. For three of those four pillows, it took me forever to complete them as I made them with a zipper. Then I decided to give this method a shot and it was SO much quicker. The envelope portion is on the back, but you could also put it in the middle of the pillow and sew on buttons or something cute. Never bothering with a zipper again for pillows.

Parmesan Roasted Edamame
Pinned via my friend Ashley - great find Ash. Theses were delicious and Finn loved them too. Whenever he eats something green, I'm a happy mama!

Fleece Blanket
A woman my mom works with who has been a family friend for many years had a grandbaby a few months ago. She went to the University of Iowa like my mom and is a huge Hawkeye fan, so I made a little blanket for her grandson to play on when he visits.. I measured it out and sewed two pieces of fleeces together and then cut the edges. Because I sewed it, there was no need to tie the strands in knots like you see on some fleece blankets as I wanted a smooth edge, not a bumpy one.

Hmmm, four projects really doesn't seem like much considering how many more I've pinned this month, but like I said, I have a few others in the works and many others rattling around in my head. I also pinned one of those "do these before every shower" workouts and have been doing that. But there is no way the girl pictured in that pin got that way from a just little pre-shower workout. Stupid Pinterest and its false advertisement.

Next month: Quilts, Furniture re-do, and Valentine's Day Cuteness!


  1. Ummm I'm lucky to get one new recipe from Pinterest cooked up let alone 4 projects!!
    Way to show us other house wives up! Ha!!
    I have a great easy pillow pattern to which is somewhat like yours! Hopefully I can whip up some for the new house! :)

  2. Yeah... now I'm gonna have to make those bites. Mmm. Just don't have the coconut, otherwise I'd make them right now!

    Those pillows are awesome! I love button pillows, but I love the flap on these, too. Makes them unique.

  3. Good work! Very intrigued by next month's quilts!

  4. Isn't it nice being a stay at home Mommy!
    Also, since the envelope pillow is SO easy to make can you whip me up a pair? Thanks-I'll pick up fabric at hooby lobby and send it out this week:)

  5. I want to make those no bake bites. Glad to know they are actually good. I like the blanket AND the pillows (that's how I always make pillow covers--zippers are way too complicated for me).