January 8, 2013

EuroTrip: Czech Republic

Our next stop in Europe was to Prague, Czech Republic. After two wonderful days in Austria we had a full days drive to Prague, but stopped along the way to view the Neuschwanstein Castle which was the inspiration for the Disney Castle.

 We arrived in Prague at night and walked around the Old Town section of the city which was decorated with gorgeous lights and trees just like in Innsbruck.

 After a nice meal and dessert, we headed to the hotel. We stayed at the Charles Bridge Palace which was amazing and incredibly reasonable.

The next day we started off the day with an early morning run throughout the city. This was the only exercise we attempted while in Europe, so don't give us too much credit. Michelle and I ran together and Miles ran with Craig, but we happened to run into each other along the way and stopped in to check out the Prague Castle which is where their government officials have offices and where the Czech Crown Jewels are kept. I'm really glad we went for a run though as we were able to see the city at a neat time when things were still quiet and the streets weren't swarmed with tourists (like us). After breakfast we went on a free walking tour of the city.

The tour lasted a couple hours and went through several different sections of the city. The clock in the picture below is an Astronomical clock dating back to 1410. The story goes that the man who built it received such recognition and fame that the city officials were worried he would build a similar clock for another city. In order to prevent that from happening they burned his eyes out with hot metal rods. As payback, he jumped from the clock tower into the inner workings of the dial, killing himself and breaking the clock in the process. It took hundreds of years to get it working again.

Not really sure who wins in that story - but a good attention grabber during a tour.

That evening we went to a string orchestra concert in St. Nichols Church which was amazing. The following day, our last in Prague, we got to meet up with my friend Daniel who is a Soldier in the Czech Army (he's in the middle of the picture below). Daniel and I worked on the same FOB while in Afghanistan, so it was neat to be able to catch up with him during our visit. The other picture is of the beer that Miles ordered for lunch. It was actually only 11:30 in the morning when they brought out this bad boy. They don't really mess around in Europe. My friend Renel commented how water is more expensive than beer in Prague and while funny, it's entirely true. If you order water at a restaurant it is not free and often times it is more expensive than a beer! Bottoms up!

After leaving Prague we headed back to Germany, but I'll need another naptime for that post.  :)


  1. I LOVE Prague! I studied there in college, and totally took advantage of the beer being cheaper than water situation. :-) Hopefully you were able to experience some of the magic of the city with it being cold. I was there in the summer and heard that in the winter it's kinda muggy because people still burn coal? Is that true?

  2. I'm just getting more and more jealous of your trip! And I love seeing the pup in that last picture :-)

  3. I saw the Astronomical Clock there and yet, I didn't know the story! Interesting (and creepy?). I love all these pictures of you guys. And yes, for being jetlagged as you probably were AND going on a run while there... are you kidding me?

  4. The clock story is crazy! Beautiful clock though.

    I was jealous before but after these posts I'm jealous x20.

  5. Praha is my favorite city in Europe and also where my Peeps come from. I haven't been back since 2007 but miss it like crazy - the food, my first language, etc. It was also my haven after the death of my daughter.

  6. (1) I cannot get over that clock story.

    (2) You guys are so cute.

    (3) I roll my eyes at anyone who exercises on vacation (including my husband).

    (4) I really want to go to Prague.

    (5) I also kind of want a beer now.