January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

We are back from a wonderful trip to Europe and I will share stories and pictures from our time there once we are a little more unpacked and I have sorted through all the pictures. But I figured I'd start of 2013 with some resolutions. I think I did a pretty good job upholding most of my 2012 Resolutions and honestly, when I re-read those I could almost just say "ditto" for what I hope to do this year. But I suppose I should elaborate or add a few new ones, so in no particular order, this year I resolve (in no particular order) to:

1. Be a more interactive and educational mom. Finn is learning so much, so fast. He picked up at least three new words while we were in Europe - it's insane how much he's developing and it's so amazing to see. I want to be better about providing him with stimulating and fun activities and just enjoying being a part of his development. There's only a billion ideas on Pinterest, I just need to get with it and start doing more of them.

2. Less time on phone and Facebook. My desire to quit Facebook altogether could be saved for an entirely separate blog post, but 90% of the time - it's so, so stupid. Because 90% of the things people say/share are so, so stupid. Also, I read this article and had very similar feelings. I will elaborate more on that later I think, but I don't think this will be a hard resolution for me. I do need to do a better job of putting my phone down more often though - or at least checking it less. It will probably help me accomplish resolution #1 a little better too, I'm sure.

3. Be more financially and environmentally frugal. My transition to cloth diapering definitely will help achieve this (in both regards), but I'm certainly looking for way to continue to save money (and the planet). A few weeks ago Miles installed a dual flush on our toilet and then I noticed them everywhere in Europe. Get on board America! I also need to be a little better about cost comparing things - especially groceries and common purchases, using coupons, and gasp! cutting back on my Target trips. 2013 will be our first full year on one income - considering the state our nation is in as a whole, I think we all could be a little more responsible with our husband's hard earned money.

4. Eat healthy. In general I think we do a good job being selective with the quality of food we buy. We only buy grass-fed beef, organic eggs, all that jazz, but I need to cut back on the sugar (my teeth would agree) and I'd also like for us to cut back on our red meat intake. So any vegetarians out there want to share some good recipes for macho meat eating men? (ahem - Brooke, Brandy cough cough). Also, I'm very particular in what Finn eats and ensure it's healthy and well balanced. I need to do a better job of holding myself to the same standards I set for my child. (Thanks for that tip Brandy.) Oh and water - I need to be better about drinking more water. I was so good about it during my pregnancies and when nursing, yet lately it's like I will totally forget and then have to force myself to chug a glass because I can't just consistently drink water throughout the day.

5. Read more. I accomplished my goal last year of reading one book a month which is still pretty pitiful, so I'm going to up that to a whopping 15 this year. Any good recommendations?  I'd like to start out the new year with something happy/uplifting. Doesn't matter if it's fiction or non - just something that I'd want to recommend to someone else after finishing.

So there you have it. I certainly have a longer list of other little things I hope to accomplish or work on in the new year, but those are there biggies.

On an unrelated, but equally important note, our Roscoe dog turned five years old yesterday! We upgraded him to a memory foam bed (which now has a cover that may or may not have his name embroidered on it). Happy Birthday to our favorite pup!

Here's hoping 2013 is a happy one.


  1. Very good resolutions. Can't wait to see some photos from your trip <3

    p.s. my Jacob has the same bed and he loves it

  2. Okay, so here's the truth: Elliot will eat ANYTHING. And, he loves red meat but has researched and listened enough to know it's just really not very good for you in anything more than a few ounce portions (and who can only eat 3-4 ounces at once, you know?).

    He eats red meat at home MAYBE once a month. I'm not kidding. He eats about 3 days vegetarian for dinner and 4 days chicken... and that's including going out to dinner. Lunches are mostly microwave meals and nearly all are just chicken (and we're talking small amounts with too much sodium... sigh).

    With all that said, I have plenty of meals I can rattle off that can be made with chicken or vegetarian that he likes, but he'll also eat anything, so it's not really that helpful for someone like Miles who loves meat.

    I am guilty of being present with B as well. I really am amazed how fast these babies are learning. While I can't wait, I also fear I'm not doing enough, despite staying home with him. I need to make that a priority as well.

    Heavens do I need to drink more water, too! Do you commissary shop? Or regular grocery stores? I might be able to help with this couponing thing. ;)

  3. Awe yes now that we finally know what our finances are going to be for a good long while we can finally set up a budget! Boat and car are almost paid off and then the only thing left is buying a house...in which we want to pay off in 10 yrs...ok one can hope!
    Since bens not been able to chew and such we've haven't eaten much meat at all. I'd say maybe 3 times in the last month. I've kind of missed it but not. Got in the habit pre surgery of buying organic pasture fed chik/turkey from Costco. I cringe when I see the price but I know it's good. We will def be lessening the carbs and sugars around this joint!
    Fb...uhg the love hate relationship. Love being connected with friends but like you said some (most) on there post the most stupid stuff. I know I could live without it. Like IG so much better...although it to reminds me of all the dreams that we are still desiring to come to pass...

  4. I think your resolutions and mine are very similar. I have been a vegitarian for 15 years but I still always strive to be a little healthier. My problem is not with food intake, but with sugar. I use it as an instant energy boost, it's easy to find things with sugar to try and fill the requirement of fast and increased energy. But not always healthy.

    One of the things I haven't blogged about is reading. I used to read a 500 page book in 2 days. Then Camille died and my attention span left. I couldn't even watch TV. I love to read but need to try and regain my ability to sit with a good book.

    I understand needing less time on the computer, although I kind of hate FB so I don't go on it that often. As Finn gets bigger spending time doing projects will get easier because he will be more engaged and his attention span for them will increase. Getting out supplies for projects that he loses intrest in so quickly can be frustrating. Honestly I used to do a lot of cooking on the floor or pull up a chair to the counter. Kai loved to help cook. It takes a lot longer but it's fun.

    I need more water too. I was so good about it when I was pregnant. But you see tge sugar intake is a lot through liquids for me. Easy energy through a chai or a pepsi or a glass of juice. They say don't drink calories but I seem to like to :).

    Good luck with these. They are all great! Happy birthday Roscoe. You spoiled dog!!!

  5. I could also use less gadget time. It seems like such a clutch now, that we have a hard time just being present in the room or aghast, bored. I do logout of fb everytime and while that doesn't seem like it would help, for whatever reason it does help me not look at it frequently. Of course, checking blogger multiple times a day has replaced fb, but at least it feels way more meaningful and like I have real connections to people in this community.