January 29, 2013

The Sweetest Words

This video is as sweet as it gets folks:

I made that book for Finn when we went to my cousin's wedding last October - something for him to look at on the plane, but at the time he wasn't super interested. Today I pulled it out while we were waiting at the DMV (which was the best DMV experience ever - it only took 40 minutes, I had all the documents I needed, they were super friendly, a guy got up to hold the door open for me as I had the stroller AND my picture in my new license ain't half bad). But I digress. . . .

So the book came out at the DMV and then it was all Finn wanted to look at all night. I need to add to it and we still need to work on the Hidalgo side of his family. I will have to change out the picture of Grandpa (Miles' dad) because Roscoe is also in the picture so Grandpa gets no love - it's just "huppy, huppy" who as you can see is one of his favorites. In fact, a few times while looking through the picture book, he would get to Huppy's picture and then put the book down to go sit next to Roscoe. Or grab his tail.

I love that Finn says "baby" when he sees brother Cale's picture and sketch. Earlier today as I was getting ready in the bathroom I heard him saying "baby, baby" and walk over to find that he's pulled Cale's pictures out of my nightstand. This isn't the first time that he's said "baby" when it came to Cale, but it just melts my heart every time. The innocence and sweetness of it is really something else. He's even getting close to mimicking me when I say "brother" or "Cale" though he can't say those words independently yet like he can "baby."

His vocabulary has picked up a lot these last few months. The only words he ever was good at signing were "more," "please," and "milk," but now he will just say "muh," "pea," and "mih." "Pea" might be my current favorite, especially when he says and signs it like it's going to score him brownie points (which it usually does). While I certainly love the times he is sweet and says "pea" or "tank too" (thank you), he has his share of sass as well. Take the other night at dinner for example:

Clearly we have no issue saying "no." When Aunt Jenny taught him "no, no, no" he was only 10 months old and couldn't say no yet, but he would do this cute little point and wave his hand around. At 19 months however, he's got it on lock. Sigh.

I sure love these new words and this talking little boy. But what has he done with my baby!?


  1. Oh my FINN!

    What a cute little nugget he is. I can't believe all his language development! And to hear him say baby when he sees Cale's portrait? I melt.

  2. You're welcome! That's what is so great about being an Aunt:)

    He is talking like a champ too...I can't wait to see him EVERYDAY!

  3. I need to record Riley watching Finn. I think Riley has already decided that they are BFFs :-)

  4. Oh what a sweetie. It's so strange to watch Finn doing all of these things because I feel like I'm watching Ethan in a different body...he is doing and saying the exact same things! I just took a video of him where he could see himself and he kept calling himself "baby" :)
    I think that is absolutely awesome that he is saying "baby" when he sees Cale...what an amazing, special thing it must be to see him loving and learning about his big brother. I know it's probably so hard to know that they can never have the relationship you wish they could have together on earth, but the relationship you are helping Finn develop as he grows is just so beautiful. It definitely melts the heart.

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  6. Sweetest words is right, Caroline. I love his sweet little voice. Huppy! I LOVE it. I agree, doesn't get much sweeter than that!