December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning in (mostly) Pictures

Last night we baked cookies for Santa which kept us up a bit past our normal bed times, but that ended up being a blessing in disguise as Finn didn't wake up until 8:30 this morning and Mary slept until 9:00 - a Christmas miracle!

When Finn woke up, I went in snuggled in bed with him for a bit. He asked me if Santa was here and I told him he came last night. He asked if he was still here and if he was downstairs and I said, "No, honey - he came last night, and then had to go to all the other houses." I guess in our conversations about Santa coming, we failed to mentioned that he would not be staying. And I think sweet little Finn sort of expected to see Santa in his family room ready to play with him or something.

We then went downstairs and Finn was thrilled to see all the presents under the tree. My parents are in town visiting and kept commenting how impressed they were with Finn's patience, but warned me it would not be like this every year! We waited until Mary was up, I subjected them to a few obligatory Christmas pictures, and we all ate breakfast before we opened gifts, but then it certainly was game on for that little boy.

So without further ado, our Christmas morning in pictures . . .
This is why we try to stick to the four gift idea. Because grandparents CANNOT be reeled in.
These balloons have lasted since Mary's birthday brunch on SUNDAY.
So, Happy Birthday, Jesus!
I mean really, where does one even begin?
Why we begin with mandatory pajama pictures! 
Which is good as shortly after these were taken Finn went upstairs to change.
I, on the other hand, am still in my pajamas. It's 4pm.
Enough pictures, let's check out the loot!
This was our morning - Finn enthusiastically tearing in to every gift and
Mary enthusiastically playing with wrapping paper.
Finn got a digger from Grandma and Grandpa Hidalgo, and even though
I told him it was from Grandma and Grandpa he has said it's from Santa and
I'm just gonna roll with that. 
Truth be told I think Pop may be just as excited about the digger.

Cute little plate Finn made at school
It really was a mostly great morning. Miles couldn't be with us this Christmas though, so that certainly made it a little bittersweet. However, he still managed to do a great job in the gift giving department. He got Finn a Monster Truck (one of his requests to Santa), got Mary her first diamonds (a sweet little pair of earrings we will save until she gets her ears pierced), and got me a massage (and also a break from the kids - a twofer!). And while I'm thrilled to get to experience the holidays with these great kids, I catch myself looking at the candle flickering near Cale's stocking and can't help but think of the 4.5 year old not with us.

If you are reading this and missing someone, please know they are loved and missed and I hope today was as gentle and peaceful as it could be. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.



  1. I love Cale's Christmas tree! Merry Christmas Hidalgos

  2. I love that last picture, mostly because it's just so similar to what it looks like at our house. Andrew's stocking near his ashes and other mementos.

    Leftover balloons, so Happy Birthday, Jesus. Haha ;)

    Your kids are precious and I just love that Finn was curious if Santa was downstairs. That digger looks ridiculously cool! Also, new tree or old one? I bet you're counting down the weeks until Miles is home and I just can't wait either. I hate that you're separated, but really happy you had your parents in town. And of course... wish Cale was there. :/

  3. Amen to PJs all day. What a sweet little Christmas morning...I'm glad your parents could be there, I was thinking of you yesterday having to be physically apart from the boys you love. Sending extra love this season as you hold them in your heart.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

    Looks like a lovely Christmas Day. Wishing Cale could have been there. always. forever. <3

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