December 9, 2014

Cute Videos of Cute Kids

I haven't uploaded any videos lately, so here are several from the last few weeks.

This one is Mary just giggling at. . . who knows what! I started recording kinda late, and ignore the vacuum cord in front of her (because my vacuum was out since I'm always busy keeping my house so clean. Rrrrriighttt.) But she was just so precious and sweet. And also, please know that she does not seem to mind the hard wood floors one bit and will crawl all over them and then decide she just wants to lay on them. Weirdo.

Here's Finn sporting his safety goggles, fireman's hat, and maraca. He was telling me all about a fire that needed to be put out and I caught the tale end of it:

Mary was anxious to get in on the bath action:

Finn was showing our friend Michelle how a robot dances:

This last one is a little bit older (early October?) as we had just moved (hence the ladder and the boxes everywhere), but I started recording because the kids were playing together. Finn was hiding behind a box and Mary was giggling and then would move it to find him and he would giggle and oh, my gosh my heart just wanted to explode with gratitude that I have kids (plural!) who can play with one another. We are so, so lucky to have them and they are so lucky to have each other:

And last, but not least. . . real life. I was starting to take a video of Mary, but Finn interjected:



  1. These are all so cute. Hahah, robots dance like that. He's a crack up.

    I absolutely adore the laughing and playing together. It's happening here a bit, too. Claire just loves Benjamin and I always find her around him. He's not always nice to her, but she just adores him. It's so, so cute when the bigger ones make the smaller ones happy. :)

  2. These are too stinking adorable. I love seeing them form real relationships and having FUN together!

    Who knows, maybe Mary was giggling at/being entertained by her oldest brother in that first video...