December 23, 2014

Conversation with The Claus

Last week my friend Michelle and I took the kids to see Santa. We went right after Finn got out of school, which worked out great as going at an off time during the week prevented us from standing in a long line (or any line for that matter) and enabled Finn to have a longer encounter with Santa than I suspect he would have otherwise. We went to Bass Pro Shop and I definitely will go back (this isn't a plug for them, we just had a good experience so I wanted to share - which I suppose is a plug, it's just that I'm not getting compensated for this - though that would be sweet if I was). I digress. . .

Yes, so anyway Santa. I called to make sure this Santa had a real beard, non of that cheap fake beard nonsense for my kids - this made up person we lie to our kids about better be authentic, damn it! Finn was really excited about getting to see Santa old me all the things he would say - "I will tell Santa I've been a good listener" (debatable) and "I will tell Santa I want presents!" But I wasn't sure if he would get stage fright or be nervous when he actually met the big guy.

When the time came Finn walked in the store very excited and while he didn't shy away from walking up to Santa or being placed on his lap, he did get more quiet and you could tell he was a little starstruck. Mary, like any good baby, cried the second she sat on Santa's lap. They snapped a couple (for free!) pictures, and then I grabbed Mary and Finn proceeded to have a nice little conversation with The Claus:

Santa: What would you like for Christmas?
Finn: Presents
Santa: What kind of presents? Do you like cars or trucks?
Finn: Cars. And trucks. And a monster truck. And a digger.
Mom: Finn, have you been a good boy?
Finn (turning to Santa): I've been good. I've been a good listener
Santa: Oh that's good, I'm glad to hear that
Mom: Ok, Finn please tell Santa good luck as he has a very busy schedule coming up
Finn: Good luck, Santa
Santa: Thank you, I will need it! Can I get a high five?
(Finn gives high five and we leave)

We then walked back to the car where I recorded this. It cracks me up the way he says "Santa" like "no big deal, I just met a celebrity, whatevs."



  1. Santa does look legit! So nonchalant. Like they were best friends. Kind of like when Benjamin met Mickey Mouse and Mickey did an elephant dance around the room and Benjamin was just dragged by him, basically. He now talks fondly of how he danced with Mickey Mouse. Um, not quite.

    I sure wish one of my kids would cry on Santa's lap. Apparently they are just fine with sitting on stranger's laps.

  2. I love his "he was" :) Lol he's so cool! Santa is so fun this year for Mason and I'm enjoying watching him enjoy it. So sweet this video!

  3. He's so cute. And Santa is great! Quite a wish list Finn's got going there!

  4. Awe! What a cute Santa visit. Love Finn's nonchalance about the whole encounter. Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh he's so sweet. I'm glad that (two out of three of) you had a good experience!

    You were smart to call ahead, too. At Erik's Christmas program when Santa came out, his best friend started shouting that it wasn't the real Santa because he didn't have glasses and the director had to step in and convince the traumatized kids that Santa was really real.