December 30, 2014

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Birthday Party(ies)

When I was pregnant with Mary my sister in law threw a lovely surprise brunch and gave me a cute set of newborn rainbow legwarmers. When Mary was born I decided I would take her monthly pictures in those (as well as two other monthly pictures I'll share later) and then she could have a rainbow themed first birthday!

A Rainbow Baby is the name given to a child born after a loss - the beauty and hope of a rainbow doesn't negate the storm that ensued and still lingers. And while I will always think of Finley as our rainbow baby in that sense, I also find the term fitting for any child born post loss.

Mary's actual birthday fell on a Tuesday. Her birthday brunch would take place the following weekend, but I wanted to do something special on her actual birthday as well, so I made a sprinkle funfetti cake and had two friends over as we celebrated our one year old. We got a most special Skype call from Miles and he was able to join us as we sang happy birthday and watched Mary devour her (small slice of) cake.

Then for her "party" I hosted a small "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" themed brunch. My mom came in to town as well as my Aunt and Uncle and several local friends. I ordered a rainbow decorated cake and cupcake from Whole Foods, and wouldn't ya know it - the Meatball had NO interest in her cupcake. Truth be told, I didn't think the cake was that great either. So maybe I should stick to boxed cake mixes from now on! A local friend made Mary's shirt and I ordered the little rainbow hair clip off ETSY.

I'm really pleased with how it all came together as I did far less planning and prep than I did for Finn's first birthday, but birthdays, especially first birthdays, are just so special, and I didn't want Mary's to feel any less significant. She already will have to compete with Christmas and the busyness of the holidays, so I'm especially grateful for all those who helped us celebrate her - both near and afar.

Ok, I think that was rainbow picture overload. So in closing, I'll leave you with these. It's a good things those balloons finally deflated or I would have kept taking pictures of her.



  1. OMG she's so adorable. Makes me regret that I stopped taking monthly photos after month three. ha!

    I love her cloth diapered butt- so adorable.

  2. Oh how I love this rainbow girl!! What a beautiful day for a beautiful, smart and sassy girl!

  3. That party is super adorable!! I love the monthy shots.

    And not a good cake from whole foods?!? It looks really well done nonetheless.

    She's the cutest. You are a party planning pro - big or small, it's spot on!

  4. Cute. Times a million.

    That cupcake may not have been that tasty (let's be honest, Whole Foods), but it sure was adorable! Also, those pom poms on the window? Did you make that?

    Love the fruit bowl and ADORE that girl of yours. I can't get over just how gorgeous and scrumptious she is. Love love love love love those leggings on her.

  5. Also, I feel like Mary might be a gymnast. I think she is so limber! It took her awhile to sit up, but do you see how she is able to sit with her legs so wide? Watch out, Mama. Maybe a balance beam in her future. :)

  6. She's such a doll. I agree with Brandy--get that girl in gymnastics! She's such a doll. Disney eyes and that mega-watt smile.

  7. Love it all! And what overkill?! I want more!

  8. How cute kid. Every of her picture is just tremendous. Hey how you did planning for her birthday, I am asking as she is very little. Did you hire a party planner? I love every shot of cute girl that you have shared here.