December 2, 2014

What Are You Getting Your Kids for Christmas?

Last year we decided to stick to the "Something you want, something you need. Something to wear, Something to read" idea for the kids' Christmas gifts and will again this year. I realize that may become difficult as they get older and become greedy little boogers, but for now it's fairly easy to stick to. Besides, they are plenty spoiled by friends and family, so Mom and Dad (err, I mean Santa) can be cheap. It's a little harder to not want to buy Finn a lot of gifts since I know exactly what he likes and would get excited about, but Mary - girl could (and probably will) get puffs and she will be happy.

Besides, I can "cheat" and get a little extra for them as stocking stuffers. Finn is getting a $5 Curious George DVD and a spin toothbrush in his stocking and probably some Christmas candy, but what should I put in Mary's? She loves the Happy Baby Teething Waffers, but I'm having a hard time finding them - they have been sold out the last two times I've checked. What else do you put in an (almost!) on year old's stocking? Any ideas?

As far as their gifts, here is what we've got so far:

Want: Soccer ball
Need: A new carseat? I just ordered this for him, but he's only getting one because Mary needs a new one and is getting his hand me down. So this doesn't seem like a good "need" gift for him.
Wear: Two adorable little sweaters I got at Target last week when they did their 40% off clothing deal.
Read: Little Blue Truck's Christmas

Want: Again, all I can think is food! Meatball doesn't have many wants in life.
Need: All I have for this is a new bath spout cover. But that's a lame "need". Any better ideas?
Wear: The cutest Navy and gold polka dot dress and a few other little Target finds
Read: Madeline's Christmas (I loved Madeline as a girl, and am hoping Mary will as well!)

So, I would love some ideas for what can be Mary's "want" and "need" gifts as well as a "need" idea for Finn. What are you getting your kid(s) for Christmas? Do you limit yourself or is Santa overly generous at your house?



  1. I got Theodore little blue trucks Christmas too!! He's obsessed with little blue truck leads the way. OBSESSED. Has been since summer. Cars and trucks and mre cars and truck with busses and vans is all the rage.

    I'll have to reply more later. But I freaked out with glee when I saw anything Blue Truck related!

  2. This is an awesome idea! :) Cruz is getting a floor play mat...and that's it! Kid is spoiled and blessed! :)

  3. Oh man, Grace is spoiled rotten. she's getting melissa and doug doll/dress set (you dress up the little wooden dolls with the wooden outfits), she's getting a purple and pink dump truck, she's getting wooden eggs for the kitchen she's getting from my parents. Grace is also getting a pile of books and other little play things. Piper has just a couple things- that car and the play block thing. They are pretty much the only things we don't already own. ha.

    I would love to scale things back but I can.not.stop. :|

  4. I'll have to go back and look at pictures of what I out in Abigail's stocking last year. She was 11 months old, and I remember struggling with what to give her since she had all of Addalee's handed down things.

    I have a hard time not going overboard for Christmas. But the grandparents buy the big stuff, thank goodness!

  5. Oh my, how do you just but four things??? Now I'm too embarassed to say what my kids are getting and how many presents are under the tree, nevermind the Santa gifts.