August 8, 2013

iPhone Picture Jackpot!

I don't know how, but I snagged the cutest pictures this morning. Often Finn is running around and so busy it's hard to capture pictures of him doing something cute right when he's doing it. Or he does something cute and then I get my phone ready to take a picture and he's moved on to throwing a fit. But this morning - total jackpot.

The picture taking lottery started when we were playing outside, but a little background first before I share.

My friend Jill was stationed in Hawaii when I was pregnant with Finn. While there, she found a blue shirt with a rainbow and bought it for him getting the smallest size she could find which was 2T. During my pregnancy she moved to Fort Rucker, Alabama which is a little under three hours away from Columbus, Georgia (where we lived at the time). The night Finn was born, Jill and her husband drove all the way to Georgia as soon as they got out of class so they could meet Finn on his birthday, before having to turn around and drive right back. She may have even gotten there right before he was born as I remember Miles going to see them in the waiting room while I was getting cleaned up. I do remember that she was the first person, other than Miles or the nurses, who held Finn (followed closely behind my friend Heidi who rushed back from a softball game to meet him - goodness that was the best day!) Anyway, Jill brought Finn some gifts that night, to include a monogrammed blanket and the rainbow t-shirt.

Jill, Zac, and minutes old Finn - she planned their baby blue outfits

I recently busted out the shirt for Finn to wear on Cale's 3rd birthday. I put it on him again today when I took this sweet picture:

 Ä€nuenue (ah-nooeh-nooeh) means Rainbow in Hawaiian.

This was one of those moments where I teared up in a good way. Just seeing my rainbow sitting on brother's bench, wearing a shirt that is so very special, and looking adorable in the process. It's my new favorite picture and the new background on my phone.

Then we went grocery shopping where Finn was well behaved and charming to everyone he met. I do think he's objectively cute, but he sure was racking up the compliments today. In the checkout line Finn saw Prince George on the cover of a magazine and in the sweetest, hushed little voice he said "baby night, night"

When we got home I was getting lunch ready when I heard him say "baba, I'll get it" and I look over to see him reaching for his water. Only it was just ever so slightly out of reach, but no problem, that's what huppy's are for:

After Finn dislocated Roscoe's hip (kidding! I hope. . .) he went over to the couch and found the remote and not only turned on the TV, but found the news channel that happened to be showing some construction so "digger! digger! DIGGER!" was excitedly shouted. He must have decided it was a good show, because it didn't take him long to get settled and make himself comfortable:

Anyway, there you have it. Cutest Thursday morning ever!


  1. He is SO cute. I love the shirt, and the story behind it.

  2. Oh yes, he IS objectively cute!

  3. Oh my god, Roscoe! Lol
    Your little Finn is wonderfully cute. And on the couch...a-dorable!

  4. That dog clearly loves that little boy.

    Lots and lots of cuteness!!

  5. OMG adorable. Roscoe is the BEST helper. What cuteness.

  6. Yes yes and yes these pictures and stories are the cutest! I love the pic of Finn and huppy :) Mase does that to Cam too and I'm always afraid I'm going to have to make a trip to the vet to fix whatever he breaks on her. Lol- gotta love boys and their doggies!

  7. Standing on huppy. Hilllllarious. My fave picture.

    Your friends are so incredibly sweet. The baby blue matching and driving there and back just to meet your sweet rainbow? Gosh. Keep those friends.

  8. What a cutie pie. Couch and Roscoe pics are tied for most adorable.

  9. Aw, awesome job, Jill! And Finn buddy, you are just too much adorableness to handle..