August 27, 2013

Soliciting Feedback: Big Boy Beds

Finn is still in his crib and sleeps so well in there. I'm worried about moving him to a big boy bed and losing precious nap time because he won't be trapped and will just want to wander in his room and play. Anyone transition their kid to a bed and still keep nap time intact?

We are not making this change anytime soon though as we don't even have a bed for him. I am 90% certain I want to just go with a twin. Any suggestions as to why I shouldn't?

But then, do we make it? And by we I mean Miles. I like this one from Ana White:

And the nice thing about building a bed is that 1. it's cheaper and 2. if Finn is hard on the furniture I probably won't be as OCD about it than if we were to spend a lot of money on it. But then maybe buying a bed is just easier. And maybe it's better for Miles' sanity because I wouldn't be super critical about every little aspect of the building phase.

If we buy a bed, I like this one from Havertys:

But it also comes with a trundle! Do I want a trundle?

I think it would be nice for sleep overs, but do boys have sleep overs? I know I did, but can't really remember if my brother did. I suppose I could ask. And do boys have sleepovers enough to justify a trundle? Would it be nicer to just have storage underneath? Or would it just get filled with crap and old food and I'd be totally grossed out by it and regret getting any storage?

I'm not set on those exact beds from Havertys, but I like their stuff, and am looking for something in that same style ballpark. I'm kind hoping to find a good Labor Day deal even though we won't transition Finn for another couple months. Speaking of deals though, what is even good? I don't want to pay more than $400. Even that seems high, but that seems to be a somewhat normal price when looking at different sites (Havertys, JCPenny, Macys, even Pottery Barn). I have not shopped local yet, but need to.

The other thing is the furniture in the room Finn will eventually move into is kinda a grey-ish color with silver hardware. It was inherited furniture that I redid and to be honest I don't love it. But I love the idea of redoing it even less. Would a wood color bed (like those pictured above) look odd with it though? I don't think I want to paint it the same color, but maybe I do? Even Navy would be kinda cute, but I want a bed that will grow with him so am thinking classic looking is better. His colors will be navy, grey and white. So I'm hoping that no matter what color bed I go with it will all tie in nicely.

So, I would love to hear feedback bout this bed dilemma. To recap, these are my concerns/questions:

1. Will I lose nap time when he moves to a big boy bed? If so, can he stay in a crib until college?
2. Any reasons not to get a twin bed?
3. If I get a twin do I want to build or buy?
4. Trundle? Storage?

Oh, and if you know of any sweet deals - let me know that too! I think we are going to score him a free mattress (we are upgrading our own bed and the promo is buy a bed, get a twin free), but would love to save one the actual furniture as well.


  1. We're looking at a big boy bed for Mase as well so I don't have a lot of answers but would love to see what every one else thinks.

    Stay in the crib until college- lmao!!!

    I'm thinking a twin bed would work and that's what we're looking at for Mason. However I also debated about room sharing. For now he'll share but later he'll be in his own room. I guess at that point I could get him a bigger bed if necessary but I think the twin will work until he's at least a teenager right?

    The extra storage under the bed might come in handy at some point. I'm not sure about the trundle bed or if boys have sleepovers as we were an all girl house. I'll have to ask Nygel on that one.

    Build versus buy? For me the building would be more stressful than anything else so I will be buying something. But if you think you (and by you I mean Miles) will not be stressed I say go for it :)

    Can't wait to see what you decide and please share if you find a good labor day deal! I''m sure Macy's will have something- they have a one day sale like every other day :)

  2. I just recently moved Colston back in June, I think it was! I was super terrified that it was going to be a nightmare. I just knew that he would refuse to stay in his bed. I was afraid of him also being scared. When I transitioned him, he had moved rooms as well. BUT we kinda sorta made it a really big huge deal and from that he got super excited and was stoked about his big boy room with dump trucks and diggers all over it. We even pained a wall with the chalk board paint. He LOVED it! He's slept in there since day 1, without a flaw. Now nap's are slightly different. But mainly because (in my opinion) he goes to daycare while I work, so he's not on a routine to take naps there. But I would think if it became a routine for him it would be just the same as night time. Also, Colston actually sleeps better in his bed, as opposed to his full. Which might I add, I bought the conversion rails and converted his crib into a full size. It's perfect. Big enough if me or my husband ever needs to lie down with him, big enough encase a buddy sleeps over, and also big enough to put him in the middle with a pillow on each side. (I was super afraid of him rolling off the side) Sorry for the super long comment! :)

  3. This whole thread is something I'll be paying attention to as well. We already bought B a toddler bed ONLY because I paid SIXTY dollars for it at IKEA as a floor model markdown. For less than $100, it has bedding and is ready to use.

    Our dilemma was having a full bed and either having to buy a twin (why with so many beds in the house to use?) or deal with the full. Until we saw the deal on the toddler bed and it wasn't a big gamble. We figured for $60, we will get like 5-6 years of use out of it between him and hopefully another kiddo. And then we'll sell it on Craigslist for $30 or whatever. When B outgrows the toddler bed and another kiddo is done with the crib, B moves into a full bed and other kiddo moves into a toddler bed.

    But dude. Toddler bed, twin bed, bunk bed, full bed, queen bed... doesn't matter. I still fear the up-and-out-of-bed situations. We already talked about no toys in the room for awhile until he gets used to sleeping in there. We are thinking to transition in December for B. Eek. We'll see. We'll keep the old nursery as his play room of sorts until he's used to being in that room and not getting up. I'm also thinking of installing an outside lock to keep the kid hostage (is that abuse?) like Darcey told me she did with her kiddos' doors. Otherwise, kid is going to be leaving his room nonstop I'm afraid!

  4. 1. Sorry, no help here. It resulted in packages upon packages of opened wipes littering the floor. (Keeping E-man in his crib for as long as possible solely for my sanity!)
    2. Twin has worked well for us. More space in the room. Sheets are cheaper as they grow/want new stuff. And boys don't really share beds when they get bigger because it's not cool. When Marie gets older I might consider a bigger bed for her, but the boys will be staying in twins. Or bunks. (Or not...they'd probably break their necks.)
    3. My parents built me a bed in the West Point craft shop for my 7th birthday. It is still in use today at their house, in awesome condition despite all the gymnastics I did on it, and looks amazing. But from my little 7-yo memory, it was a long process. So I think the biggest thing to evaluate is whether the time it takes to build it well with good materials is worth the money saved.
    4. My hand-made bed was also a trundle--great for sleepovers but also when ppl came to visit. I kept wishing we had one when my family just visited. So depends on how well you can house visitors or how often you need to do so. For storage? Crap & old food route I think. And it's something you can find enough other easy solutions to.

    I'm currently in the market for a dresser since a certain 3yo boy destroyed it...not even craigslist is cheap these days (at least when it comes to finding something he can't break easily)

    Good luck!

  5. My 2 posts on transitioning my 3.5 year old from crib to twin bed. (If my husband hadn't pushed it she'd still be in a crib, I really liked her all trapped and safe.)

  6. I vote for a twin with storage. I LOVE having storage under Sam's bunk bed. In fact, I have found him sleeping under his bed on occasion. :)

    As for transitioning, I know I'm no help. Samuel hated his crib from day 1, so we transitioned him at 13 months and it was the first time in his life that he slept through the night. It was heavenly. :) He is just now starting to shorten his naps and wander out of his room (at 26 mo), but if I can tell he's still tired, I put him back in his bed without a fight. We rarely have issues with him terrorizing his room when he's supposed to be sleeping, but I also keep an eye on him on the video monitor. The minute I see him leave his bed, I wait for mischievous noise then head in and get him back in his bed. Hopefully Finn will transition smoothly!

    As for sleepovers, I know James and all his buddies had sleepovers growing up, but they always just used sleeping bags and partied in the living room. I like having a bunk bed for Samuel for when that day comes, but I don't think an extra twin is absolutely necessary.

    Can't wait to see pics of when the transition is made!

  7. Im no help with transitioning bc sloane went to a bad at around 20 months with no issues whatsoever. To this day (at almost 5 yrs old), she still does not get out of the bed unless someone comes to get her. I know transitioning Kellan will be another story, so I will need your wisdom on that one day, a long, long time from now.

    As for the bed, we got sloane a full. It's what I had growing up, and even tho she doesn't have a large room, I couldnt imagine sleeping in a twin, so I thought he would be more comfy in a full. As it stands, she takes up the whole bed, so I'm gla I made that choice. We did double side rails and still have one up to this day, but mostly to keep all of her blankets and animals from falling overboard.

    I don't know about boys and sleepovers. Interesting question. My sister had a trundle and used it often for sleepovers and when we all wanted to sleep together as kids (like Christmas eve and such). But storage would be niiiiiice.

  8. When we came home from the deployment Danger could be sound asleep but the moment he realized he was in his crib he would SCREAM. I had a video of him where we tried to wait him out and he literally fell asleep screaming, fell over, sat back up and continued, repeat. As soon as we took the side of his crib off to convert it to a daybed he was fine (I don't know if it was a control thing, or just adjusting to us being home, a new house, or what). We didn't have too much of an escape issue, but it would probably just depend on each kid's preferences. I did end up sleeping on the floor for a while after we left on a trip while he was sleeping and after he wouldn't go to bed. Would have been nice in hindsight to have been a larger bed instead of curling up on the floor with his hand dangling down. When we moved into an apartment while waiting to move into the house we bought in Ohio it was furnished and he went straight into a queen bed. After that we didn't bother putting his crib/daybed back together, just threw him in a bunkbed. I don't see much of a difference (other toddler beds being lower and too small to fit into), so if you're moving him out of the crib and are buying a whole new bed it might as well be a twin size. But I'm lazy too, and would not consider building one. If you're worried about him rolling out, pool noodles underneath the fitted sheet can keep him in place.

    Danger has had a few sleepovers at our friend's house and she has a trundle bed. It's kind of adorable. We don't have one, but I am a little jealous because under his bed it's just toys, underpants, etc. that end up in the dark recesses by the wall instead of a mattress for friends to stay on.

  9. 1. Yes, you will! That is why you simply must keep him in that crib until he literally climbs out of it the first time. If that means he is in it until college, so be it!
    2. Definitely recommend a twin bed with training guardrails or bumpers (One Step Ahead has blow-up ones that go under the fitted sheet if you prefer). We did the toddler bed thing first (only because H's crib converted) and I don't see the point of it. It's just an extra step and yet another transition you all have to go through.
    3. I would buy. In my experience, homemade things end up taking longer and costing more than you think. By the time you add up all the costs and then cover any contingencies/added costs for mistakes or changing your mind about things, etc. I feel like it won't save that much $. We got both H's crib and twin bed from Pottery Barn Kids -- I think they have really decent stuff and I waited both times to take advantage of their sales.
    4. For some reason I don't like the trundle/storage options. I just feel like it locks you into something you may not want or need later, and there are cuter ways to accomplish both. Like cute baskets/bins from Land of Nod (or Home Goods!) or little kids' throw beds they have now, which could be stored under his bed.

    Just my $.02! Good luck!